deck the halls eco-friendly style

It’s time to deck the halls in an eco-friendly way. The holiday season is a time for bright lights, decorations, loved ones, presents and tons of delicious food. During the season of giving, we often forget to give back to the beautiful place in which we live. This holiday season, give back to the earth by treating it with kindness and caution. Max out your holiday spirit by learning these tips and tricks on how to celebrate the holidays while keeping the planet in mind.

Christmas Tree Trouble

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one hundred percent eco-friendly way to purchase a Christmas tree. While artificial trees are reused for many years, they are made with a petroleum-based plastic called PVC, which is not suitable for the environment or humans. Because they’re plastic-based, they can’t be recycled either, meaning they eventually will end up in the trash. While cutting down trees doesn’t seem ethical either, Christmas trees can be recycled as mulch. Waste companies often will do a Christmas tree pick-up after the holiday season. If purchasing a real tree isn’t possible for you, try to buy an artificial tree second hand to reduce waste. A fun way to counteract purchasing a Christmas tree would be to plant a tree in your backyard instead of set up in the living room. This way, you could start a family tradition, give back to the environment, and watch the plant grow; this act is so incredibly easy yet so beautiful and effective. 

DIY Your Holiday Decorations 

You can double up garland as a decoration and a citrus air freshener by using yarn and dried orange slices. Cranberries can be used to make another fabulous garland; the vibrant red color of the fruit will sit perfectly along the green tree. Popcorn, although it’s not a fruit, would make for a great garland as well. Cinnamon sticks and pinecones can be hung on strings for rustic ornaments as well.

Instead of buying a new holiday wreath this year, grab a basket, go for a walk, and gather twigs and leaves. Afterward, assemble the wreath with your collection. For a finishing touch, wrap the wreath with fairy lights. If this is too time-consuming, you can tie a red ribbon to a couple of pinecones and hang it to decorate your door as well! 

Lights are an essential holiday decoration; however, they can waste electricity and produce waste. Instead of throwing away old Christmas lights, try finding a local light recycling program. An even better alternative to recycling lights would be purchasing lights powered by solar panels or another alternative power source. This is a shockingly cheap option and would reduce electricity waste. Better yet, get rid of the majority of your holiday lights and use candles instead!

Caring is Contagious 

Get your friends and family on board! Host an eco-friendly holiday party and encourage your loved ones to make a change with you. Ask people to bring reusable containers to take home leftovers. This way, no plastic will be used for storing food, and no food will be wasted. Prepare and ask people to bring vegan dishes. By eating delicious vegan food and cutting out meat from your holiday diet, it will help the environment by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. By hosting a party, you are exposing your peers to your eco-friendly decorations; this can encourage and influence them to be more cautious about the environment too.

An eco-friendly holiday season will save you money and time. By making your decorations, you help the planet and create special memories. Using nature as decorations is easy and incredibly affordable, yet it’s something people overlook. However, decorating your home with nature is an effortless way to create a cozy aesthetic for your home. Help make a difference in the world this holiday season by bringing the outdoors inside.