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The new year doesn’t have to just mean a fresh start for just you. It could be a fresh start for your space as well! With 2020 on everyone’s mind, here are 20 things you can repurpose in your home to start the new year off right.

Glass Jars as Multipurpose Glasses

It’s easy to repurpose glass jars from old pasta sauces, jams and pickles to use them as multipurpose glasses instead. Just simply rinse out the old contents and wallah, new glasses!

Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

The long cold months ahead will probably result in a box of tissues in your place soon. After they’re all gone, use the tissue box as a place to contain those plastic bags that seem to take up unnecessary space.

Newspapers for Wrapping

Don’t just throw those newspapers in the recycling! Use the pages to wrap presents, store fragile items and pack up your things for future moves.

Wine Glass Bottles as Flower Vases

Simply remove the old labels on empty wine bottles with warm water and soap, and fill it up with some beautiful flowers — real or fake! 

Disposable Razors to Pill Your Sweaters

Razor not as sharp as it once was? Instead of throwing it away, utilize its dullness by making it a tool to de-pill your sweaters. Lay your sweater out flat and run the razor over it to get rid of those pesky lint balls.

T-Shirts as Reusable Totes

Old T-shirts can make great reusable totes! Fold the shirt in half and cut the sleeves off, cut out the neck and make a deep “U” shape, turn the shirt inside out, cut strips from the bottom and tie them together. Wallah, a new tote bag!

20 things to repurpose

Cheese Grater as an Earring Holder

If you find yourself misplacing earrings constantly, a cheese grater is a great way to store your earrings so you don’t lose them. You can even paint it to add your own flair. 

Ice Cube Tray/Cupcake Pan as a Drawer Organizer

Don’t let that junk drawer get out of hand! Place an ice cube tray or cupcake pan in a drawer to keep tiny trinkets in order.

Old Picture Frames as Serving Trays

Recently switch out a picture frame? Take the old one and use it as a serving or table tray to spruce up your space.

20 things to repurpose

Toilet Paper Tubes as Cord Organizers

Surprisingly, those cardboard tubes can have more than one purpose! Use them to keep long cords organized and in place.

20 things glass

Candle Jars as Makeup Brush Holders

When your beloved candle finally runs out, utilize the jar and make it into a holder for your brushes! Just pop the candle in the freezer to get rid of residual wax and run the wicks under hot water to create a new clean jar.  

Bulletin Boards as Jewelry Organizers

Bulletin board left bare? Simply stick some push pins into it and hang your necklaces, bracelets and rings to stay organized.

Old Textbooks as Shelves

Stack those old textbooks on top of each other to create a platform for the items you want to display. 

Old Mini Fridge as a Storage Unit

Still have that old mini fridge from your dorm laying around? Utilize the storage space and put anything you want in there from extra dishes to video game cases.

Hanging Shoe Rack as Pantry Storage

Over-the-door shoe racks can make great storage for your pantry! Remove the shoes and fill the pouches with your favorite snacks.

Six-Pack Carrier as a Utensil Storage

Before you toss out that cardboard carrier, consider transforming it into a holder for your pens, pencils and highlighters.

20 things mug

Mugs as Succulent Pots

If you find yourself becoming a self-proclaimed mug enthusiast, consider making some mug pots for succulents as part of your collection.

Empty Cans as a Wine Rack

Take off the top and bottom of empty tin cans and hot glue them together to create an ornate and decorative wine rack for your kitchen!

20 things hangers

Hangers as a Magazine Rack

Paint plastic or wooden clothing hangers and pin them on your wall with your favorite magazines on them to display your interests.

Old Boxes as Storage Baskets

Take those old Amazon boxes and create a cool storage basket by cutting off the top flaps and hot gluing some fabric to the remaining structure.