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$50,000 for 50 Years

Gaining independence for the Emerald was a historic - and even heroic - cause championed by Emerald journalists 50 years ago. That action not only shaped the history of the Emerald, but also the lives and careers of the many journalists who have practiced their craft on the third floor of the EMU.

To ensure many more years of independent student run media at the Emerald, we ask for your continued support.

Your tax-deductible gift would help us:

• File vital public information requests
• Travel to cover important events
• Attend invaluable journalism conferences
• Purchase necessary digital equipment
• Compensate more student journalists for their exceptional work
• Invest strategically in EMG's future

Please consider making a donation today and help us raise "$50,000 for 50 Years."

We invite you to renew your donation on an annual basis or to consider a monthly donation to ensure the future of independent student media at the University of Oregon.

Thank you for your continued support of the Emerald and championing independent student run media. This is a cause we’re all fiercely loyal to and one that is always worth fighting for.