Journalism should be free: Journalism should be fair. And journalism should be fiercely independent.

Emerald Media Group has been guided by these principles since we began serving the University of Oregon in 1900. We produce quality journalism in the public interest to give you the information you need to better understand our shared experience as Ducks. We write the history of UO in real time, every day. Without us, that history would be lost.

Supporting Students

We are journalists, but we are also students. We hold ourselves to the highest journalistic standards while learning every day how to live up to them. Student media plays a vital role in training tomorrow's journalists, and our alumni have graduated to publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, NPR and more. But equally as remarkable are the EMG journalists who have gone on to launch media organizations in underserved communities, help news outlets more deeply connect with the people they serve and create the tools and technology that bring information right to your digital doorstep.

Your help matters

The media landscape is shifting beneath our feet, and traditional funding models in media have gone the way of the landline telephone (we don't even know how those work). We need your help to ensure that there is a sustainable future for student journalism. Because we are proudly independent from the university, we're relying on you to support our mission, our work and our journalists

Your tax-deductible gift would help us:

  • File vital public information requests
  • Travel to cover important events
  • Attend invaluable journalism conferences
  • Purchase necessary digital equipment
  • Compensate more student journalists for their exceptional work
  • Invest strategically in EMG's future

If you'd like to discuss additional ways to support us, please contact Bill Kunerth, our publisher and executive director.

Thank you for being a champion of independent student media!