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Though we at the Daily Emerald try to make sure every story is thoroughly fact-checked before it runs in print or online, sometimes we make mistakes. On this page, you can see all the corrections made to Daily Emerald stories since September 2019. The page is updated on a regular basis. 

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2019-20 Academic Year

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The University of Oregon is a publicly funded university that receives federal funding and the protections of the First Amendment apply to those demonstrating on university property. An opinion column published on Sept. 12 incorrectly stated that the University of Oregon is private property and that “jurisdiction remains with the President and student body government as to what speech is allowed and not allowed on campus.” The column was corrected to reflect that fact and was updated to include information about the university’s demonstration guidelines and to clarify the author's argument about think tanks influencing campus speech policies. 

The Lundquist College of Business houses the Women in Business group and the Warsaw Sports Marketing club, but it does not house the Women in Sports Business club. An opinion column published on Sept. 4 incorrectly said that the college housed the Women in Sports Business club.