No holiday party is complete without good snacks, and there’s no better way to elevate your party from casual get-together to sophisticated soiree quite as much as an artfully made charcuterie board. From gluten free, nut free, to vegan, these boards will have every allergy and sensitivity covered. Get creative with the layout!

To throw a charcuterie party, the more diversity the merrier. Get new meats and cheeses you haven’t tried before, and do research on the best alcohol, fruit and vegetable pairings. Although charcuterie is typically served with wine, there are a variety of drinks that pair well and plenty of non-alcoholic options that work for everyone. To decorate, any large wooden serving board will do, but remember the power is in the presentation. Experiment with different patterns and ways to present the food, and tiny mason jars and mini serving spoons are always a plus for things like jams and spreads. For a covid-friendly charcuterie party, each guest can be given their own appetizer plate and toothpick to make sure it is hands-free. To be allergen friendly and avoid cross contamination, having smaller boards with allergen labels is always a good idea. 

Pomegranate Paradise (gluten free)

This board is perfect for a festive holiday party with vibrant red and white colors and delicious fruity flavors. 

To lay on board:

Pomegranate seeds (placed in serving bowls or jars)


Blueberry goat cheese

Gluten free rosemary almond crackers 

Red grapes

Cucumber, sliced

Beet hummus

Multi-colored baby carrots 

Prosciutto, thinly sliced

Smoked dried beef, thinly sliced

Mortadella, thinly sliced

Gluten free multigrain crackers 

White cheddar block, cut into cubes with toothpicks


Perfect Pairing: Pomegranate Sangria

1 bottle cheap, fruity red wine (such as Merlot or Pinot Noir)

1 blood orange, sliced

1 apple, sliced

¼ cup sugar

½ cup orange juice

½ cup pomegranate juice

add ¼ cup brandy 

Optional: 1 cup sparkling water when serving

Add all ingredients in a pitcher (besides sparkling water) and allow to sit in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving. 


Alcohol Free pairing: Pomegranate Shirley Temple

2 liter bottle sprite

1 cup pomegranate juice

Savory Selections (nut free)

A more classic take on a charcuterie (which translates to cured meats) board, this is sure to get rave reviews from your guests. 

To lay on board:

Pretzel thins

Salami, thinly sliced

Prosciutto, thinly sliced

Mini italian sausages (served warm)

Asiago cheese, sliced

Manchego cheese, sliced

Baked brie (served warm in the center of the board)

Multigrain crackers of choice

Pumpkin seed crackers

Pear preserve

Sliced apples




Perfect Pairing: Sparkling white wine or champagne

Alcohol Free pairing: Sparkling apple cider


Plant Power (vegan)

This board is a veganized take on classic charcuterie, but just as delicious. The vegan meat and cheese market has massively expanded, and many of these delicacies can be found in your local health food store.

Vegan spreadable herb cheese

Multigrain crackers

Lavender crackers

Vegan deli slices of choice

Fried jalapenos stuffed with vegan ricotta

Roasted eggplant, sliced

Green grapes

Sliced red bell peppers

Macadamia nuts


Mini pickles

Vegan cashew herb dip



Perfect pairing: For a white, try Sauvignon blanc or for red, cabernet sauvignon (from a brand that has disclosed their wine is vegan)


Alcohol free pairing: Lavender agave lemonade 

5 cups water (divided)

3/4 cup organic cane sugar 

1 cup lemon juice (and more to taste)

2 tablespoon dried lavender

¼ cup blackberries for color

¼ cup agave syrup (and more to taste)

In a saucepan on low heat, add 2 cups water, sugar, and blackberries and stir until sugar is dissolved.

Add lavender and lemon juice and stir. Set to cool in the fridge for 1-2 hours until it’s time to serve.

Remove the saucepan from the fridge and strain to remove pieces of lavender and blackberries (if the holes in your strainer are too big, you can put a tea towel in your strainer). 

In a pitcher, add the remaining water and agave and combine with the saucepan mixture. 

At this point, add more lemon juice or agave to desired sweetness.

Add ice and serve!