UO campus crime rate parallels other universities

According to recent FBI crime statistics pulled from more than 600 U.S schools there were tens of thousands of campus crime across the nation in the calendar year of 2013. The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth led all schools in violent crimes, with 27 instances among 9,210 on-campus students. Property crime …


Which resident halls have the most student conduct violations?

Student Conduct Violations are handed out numerous times over the year in all dorms across campus. However, two kinds of citations are much more common than any other ones. Noise complaints and liquor/drug violations. “Noise is actually our most frequently seen violation, which is a not really a surprise when …

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Here’s a heat map of campus crime in the last year.

Last week, the University of Oregon Police Department sent out two campus crime alerts: One for aggravated assault, one for armed robbery. These crime alerts and advisory warnings students receive from the UOPD only show a glimpse of criminal activity on campus each week. The Emerald gathered data on all …


UO staff and students share thoughts about racial issues on campus

Black Student Union member August Jefferson believes underrepresentation contributes to issues revolving race on campus.
“The faculty does not communicate well with its diverse students,” Jefferson said. “[Students of color] make up less than three percent of the student body. Similarly we are severely underrepresented in the faculty, so even when we do have questions or concerns, it can easily be lost in translation or even ignored.”