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Emerald Recommends: Project Pabst 2017

Musicfest NW presents Project Pabst is taking over the Tom McCall Waterfront in Portland this weekend from Aug. 26 to 27. With a robust lineup, plenty of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a warm weather forecast, the festival is sure to be the a great late summer event. Check out the Emerald’s …

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Where to watch the solar eclipse in Eugene

One of the most anticipated events of the summer is just around the corner. On Monday, Aug. 21, the first total solar eclipse to cross the United States since 1979 will be visible to Eugene residents. The eclipse’s totality will be most visible north of Eugene in cities like Albany, …

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The Washburne Cafe represents a mix of the historic and modern Springfield community

Driving down Springfield’s Main Street, visitors pass historic buildings that were once the heart of the town. Although the city spread out, the street maintains a nostalgic feel. Among its modern restaurants, fabric stores and coffee shops sits the Washburne Cafe. The Washburne’s yellow brickwork stands out among the rest …

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How UO student housing transformed in under 10 years

A lot has changed at the University of Oregon since the early 1990s. The football team started winning, enrollment exploded, and, thanks to donors like Phil Knight, campus has been under continuous renovation. Despite the addition of new halls and expanded facilities, the UO campus maintains the same aesthetic feel …

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Blazing Paddles unites local table tennis enthusiasts

The air is filled with sounds of basketball shoes screeching across hardwood floors and table tennis balls clacking against paddles. “Make sure you get this down: ‘Movement is life,’” said Herb Chereck. For Chereck, a retired registrar at the University of Oregon, movement became a big part of his life …

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Review: Barre3 studio offers ballet, yoga and pilates fusion

Located in Oakway Center’s newest shopping and dining structure, Eugene’s second Barre3 studio opened its doors June 23. Its windows greet customers with the slogan “Ballet barre meets yoga and Pilates.” Barre workouts have a reputation for being difficult because they’re aimed at toning and lengthening muscles that most people …

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The Old Pad serves new memories to customers in South Eugene

To the community at the University of Oregon, Steve Prefontaine will always be a great runner. But only a few remember him as a bartender. During his time at UO, Prefontaine spent many nights behind the bar of The Paddock, a South Eugene bar and grill that thrived as a …