Budget cuts expected throughout the year

The state has cut its funds to higher education, so tuition could increase as much as 5 percent. The Tuition Fees Advisory Board met on Tuesday and will come up with a recommendation to the board about a tuition increase, UO President Schill said. It all happened at the UO Faculty …


New UO ID cards required starting in May

Starting this term, University of Oregon ID Card Services will be giving out new, pre-printed ID cards to all students, faculty and staff. The old ID cards will not work anywhere after May 1. From January 10 to March 24, students can pick up new ID cards for free if …


State Senator stepping down to take position at UO Knight Campus

Sen. Chris Edwards (D) will join the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact as the new assistant vice president for strategic initiatives with an emphasis on development starting on Dec. 15. “We already have a lot of great things happening at the University of Oregon,” he said …