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Review: Hyperplum creates accessible art for the masses

The nine artists that makeup Hyperplum gathered Friday Nov. 10 to display their work in their debut house show “This Is Us” at the Powerhouse garage on 19th Avenue and Oak Street. The nine pieces that were shown in the garage didn’t shy from bold statements on topics such as …

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Kevin Dempsey fills the musical theater void on campus

When Kevin Dempsey first came to the University of Oregon in 2014, he knew he wanted to follow a theatrical path. That led him straight to the School of Music and Dance. Now only months away from graduation, Dempsey will surely leave behind a legacy. He is the mastermind behind …

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Review: Rupi Kaur’s ‘The Sun and Her Flowers’ simplifies the human experience

Rupi Kaur tackles universal issues and simplifies the human experience in her poetry. The instapoet’s success is attributed in large to her social media presence. Kaur’s condensed poetry seems to parallel Instagram’s ability to condense our world into a three by six-inch screen. Her work details immense heartbreak in quick …

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The Department of Comparative Literature begins another promising year of Nomad

The Comparative Literature department hosted its first Nomad meeting of the academic year Tuesday evening. Students and professors gathered for their common love of writing to hear what’s in store for the upcoming year of research, writing and revision. Since 2007, the Nomad program has been pairing undergraduate students with …