Zeds Dead gives lackluster performance at McDonald Theater

Zeds Dead’s bright lights captivated the audience at the McDonald Theater. (Casey Miller/Emerald)

Just picture this: two hundred coked-up, Molly-d out ravers waiting for forty minutes between sets. That’s what happened on Saturday night at the McDonald Theater after the second act, Big Wild, finished his set. It took Zeds Dead forty minutes to appear on stage. To make matters worse, Zeds Dead’s performance was barely an hour long. Overall, the Canadian DJ duo disappointed on Saturday night.

The first opener, Blount was unexceptional. Big Wild was lackluster. Zeds Dead was forgettable. 

Blount has a very small online presence, and clearly brought on last minute as an up-and-coming DJ looking for some exposure. He was enough entertainment for the small group of Zeds Dead devotees who arrived when the doors opened at 8 p.m.

Big Wild was more thoroughly enjoyed by the audience as he whipped his wild curly hair to the beat. Out of all the acts of the night, he displayed the most passion in his performance, playing different instruments and riling the audience up for Zeds Dead.

After Big Wild, the McDonald Theater audience spent forty minutes standing around, waiting for Zeds Dead. The EDM fans filled the time by trading rave bracelets (known in the EDM community as “Kandi”), exchanging snapchats and swapping drugs. Some were scared of “coming down” from their high during the wait, while others were eager to dance to an artist that they have waited a long time to see. One audience member named Kaylee enthused that this was her third time seeing the duo, after Hard Summer and another prior performance in 2015.

Eventually, Zeds Dead took the stage to a warm welcome despite the long wait. They played some music off their most recent album Northern Lights, as well as old remixes and collaborations with other DJs. Previously, the duo has released 6 EPs, and is currently trying to break into the American electronic music scene after charting in Canada.

With all its new music, Zeds Dead had plenty of material it could have offered the McDonald Theater ravers. Unfortunately, the set barely lasted an hour. Despite the short set, many in the audience still enjoyed seeing the artists perform. Maybe it was the drugs. 

Find Zeds Dead’s new album, Northern Lights, on iTunes or Spotify.

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