Watch ‘Animal House’ and check out how little the EMU Fishbowl has changed over the years

The EMU Fishbowl was the site of the infamous “Animal House” food fight.

On Monday, we wrote about how the EMU is losing some of its food services starting next term.

The Buzz is shuttering. The Fishbowl café is also closing. Say “so long” to Panda Express. But the University of Oregon’s student union isn’t just losing the places where students get their grub on. No, sir. We’re losing a part of history.

Check out the following clip from the 1978 classic, Animal House:

From the architecture of the food court to the white building outside of those enormous windows, anyone who has attended the UO in the last half century will get a serious sense of deja vu when they watch John Belushi start one of the most well-known food fights to ever hit the silver screen. Yep, that’s the Fishbowl.

The common area has hosted everything from ASUO debates to Oregon football watch parties and even a Pokémon tournament or two. This year, the Fishbowl café scaled back its offerings to the morning essentials: coffee, bagels and pastries. But, if you take a look at the preceding clip and stroll through the area, it’s easy to tell that it’s due for an upgrade.

The Fishbowl is, after all, nearly 65 years old. Take a gander at the overview page for the EMU renovation project. The café’s digs were presented to the student body in 1950, a full 23 years before the student union got its next upgrade.

The newest renovation effort isn’t purely cosmetic — a few new businesses, including Chipotle and Falling Sky Brewery, are in the process of vying for a spot in the new UO student union building.

But the EMU isn’t the first Animal House filming location to get a facelift. You won’t see this room at the UO anymore:

That’s Fenton 110. And it doesn’t look anything like it did before. But fret not: Plenty of the UO locales that hosted the Animal House crew aren’t going anywhere. You can check out the full list of places in and around Eugene where John Landis and his crew shot the film, from the now-artificial fields behind the Student Recreation Center to downtown Cottage Grove:

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