The changing seasons on campus is clear — the leaves are falling, the skies are darkening and in the words of High School Musical’s Sharpay Evans, “It’s out with the old and in with the new.”

University of Oregon students are no strangers to fall; the ducks know exactly how to style themselves. For junior Cameron Lewis, an oversized, colorful crew neck and a pair of tailored pants are fall must-haves.

“Both of these pieces are so essential and useful, whether you wear them to class, out on the weekend — you have the choice to be cozy but jiggy at the same time,” Lewis said.

Stores like Topman and Asos carry these items, but Cameron says there is always the option to thrift them instead. If you are looking to keep your search local, St. Vincent de Paul and Buffalo Exchange are excellent places to explore and are stocked with a wide range of sizes.

Once you’ve found the perfect shirt and pants, it’s time to layer. During fall this is essential to stay warm, but it’s also convenient if you get too hot and want to take off an item. Jackets are typically used to protect from the cold or add depth to an outfit, but wearing one with a print can be an extra twist on the everyday item.

Senior Tre’Von Robinson knows all about the trend — he wears his camouflage jacket whenever it’s cold outside. “I definitely see UO students wearing this jacket,” he said. “I definitely recommend it because it is trendy right now.” Camouflage jackets can be thrifted, but are harder to come across in secondhand stores. Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe are affordable stores that carry the stylish item.

If camouflage is not your style, another layering option is a flannel. They go over long-sleeves, sweatshirts and sweaters. For junior Olivia Smith, a flannel is a must. “I always shop in the men’s section. Men’s flannels are much thicker, keep me warm and then can be worn in different ways,” she said. Flannels are a common fall staple which means they can be found at thrift stores and name-brand stores alike. But, if you’re looking to save money, Goodwill is the go-to place.

Olivia Smith wearing a men’s oversized flannel. (Dana Sparks/Emerald)

A fall outfit is not complete without accessories. Accessorizing can take many forms, but for sophomore Alexa Anderson, statement earrings are a must-have to complete an outfit.

“I like wearing statement earrings because it looks like you tried but really you just put earrings in,” she said.

Jewelry is found at a multitude of stores. Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, Forever 21 and Pandora all carry good jewelry that is well priced and sure to pull together a fall outfit.

Be on the lookout for patterns, prints, layers and lots of jewelry as the ducks sport their fall fashion on campus.

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Alexes is a sophomore at the University of Oregon. She is studying journalism and is a Trending Reporter for the Daily Emerald.

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