Halloween weekend is almost upon us, and girls are busy running to Hirons to grab tutus and cat ears, while still trying to not be the most basic bitch on the block. Meanwhile, the guys are waiting until Friday evening to decide which costume will take the least amount of effort possible; however, there are certain costumes that will receive mass appreciation and others that will be looked at with a disdainful smirk. Here is a list of the best and worst, most creative and crappiest Halloween costumes of 2016.

The Good

  • Specific celebrity costumes are always very interesting. Kardashians tend to be overdone, but classics like Jersey Shore and the Spice Girls are funny and not too difficult to do.
  • These past few years in movie theaters have been all about superheroes, especially the Avengers. While this might be an obvious group choice for some, it’s a safe bet that’ll have you looking good while not stressing too hard on a costume.
  • Going as an Olympian is also easy and culturally relevant. Plus, in Eugene, you might just run into one while you’re out for the evening. Your plastic gold medal might look a bit cheaper than theirs, however.
  • The idea of a perfect college costume is something without many layers (considering the inside of most frat parties and house parties can get hot) but not leaving you in your underwear. This is why pop culture costumes like the casts of Game of Thrones and Grey’s Anatomy might be difficult: too much to wear. Avoid heavy clothing unless you’d like to sweat all night.
  • Animals are also a very safe bet. But, as a warning, there will be 157 other girls wearing cheap eyeliner-whiskers, a black tutu and bodysuit, and $5 cat ears. Guys can also expect to be competing with a lot of Risky Business Tom Cruise’s, gladiators, policemen, and firemen. Classics, but not super original.

The Bad

  • Avoid stereotyping cultures by wearing Native American headdresses or geisha kimono robes. We should have learned from the outcry over certain celebrity Coachella outfits this year.
  • Don’t be Harambe. This joke is so old that you might as well go as Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign.
  • For God’s sake, do not be a clown this year. The risk of personal harm and general violence against you will be too strong with the current anti-clown hysteria gripping our nation. You can expect a few smacks across the face (and that’s the least amount of damage you could get).
  • Of course, this is an election year and we will see many, many Hillary Clintons and Donald Trumps. Just don’t be nasty and start a political fight when everyone is out on Halloween trying to have fun.

Have fun and be safe this year.

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