“The Office” is a part of campus culture everywhere, with college students binging the show endlessly on Netflix, watching hours of reruns to prepare themselves for an inevitable “The Office” category on trivia night and — according to pretty much every Tinder bio — looking for the Pam to their Jim.

Since the series finale aired in 2013, there’s been minimal “The Office”-related content to fill that void, but Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are working to change that. 

Fischer and Kinsey — better known as Pam Beasley and Angela Martin to “The Office” fans — are coming out with a new podcast called “Office Ladies.” The podcast will release new episodes every Wednesday. Fischer and Kinsey, who are actually best friends in real life, will be talking about their experiences on the show, revealing what their co-stars were really like and giving a behind-the-scenes look at what really went on during production.

In the pilot episode of their podcast, Fischer and Kinsey talk about their experiences in the casting process and the production of the pilot episode of “The Office.” 

While Fischer may appear similar to her character Pam, Kinsey’s attitude and personality may come as a shock to many fans. Contrary to her character Angela Martin, who fans know as a stuck up and proper woman, Kinsey’s real personality comes off as bubbly, excited and carefree, which will likely take fans some time to adjust to.

Fischer’s “fast facts” throughout the podcast — such as how Ken Kwapis, the director, made the actors pretend to work in the office half an hour before filming every day — lead to all kinds of new background and behind the scenes information for “The Office” superfans. 

Meanwhile, Kinsey’s colorful flashcards about observations she made while watching the pilot of “The Office” — like how two of the employees during a conference meeting scene were actually accountants for the production company — give fans a look inside what secrets may be hidden in episodes of “The Office.”

Fischer and Kinsey’s real-life friendship help create a chemistry between the two that makes the podcast feel like you’re just listening into a light-hearted conversation between two old friends. Their memories and experiences on the show allow them to remind each other of long-forgotten stories, giving the audience a unique product that could only be created by members of the cast themselves.

Both Fischer and Kinsey said in the podcast that while they loved working on “The Office,” they hadn’t watched many episodes of their own show since it aired, and you can tell they’re genuinely excited about the prospect of diving into the show as fans themselves. The podcast isn’t a desperate cash grab or an attempt to drum up good press, and the fact that it was born out of a love for the show and a desire to connect with fans reflects the quality of it.

While hearing about how the exterior shot at 9:29 in the pilot episode isn’t the actual building that was used for filming probably isn’t for casual fans of “The Office,” for superfans, the “Office Ladies” podcast will likely be a smash hit that will give background and a behind-the-scenes look that many have been waiting for.