I may not be a law student, but I’m sure there’s no law against having fun. Here’s a couple things for the big kids to get down on when they’re not hitting the books and changing the world.

Tour Ninkasi Brewery: 272 Van Buren Street, (541) 344-2739

Ninkasi’s tasting room is open Sunday-Wednesday 12-9 p.m. and Thursday-Saturday ’til 10 p.m., giving newcomers and veterans a place to enjoy the 14+ beers they brew. Although prices are comparable to any Eugene restaurant or bar, the brewery’s atmosphere and ambiance are worth the extra money. The tasting room also offers local food to enjoy alongside your beer, include pasties made by Cousin Jack’s, pretzels from Hideaway Bakery and soups from Market of Choice. The patio also gets heavy traffic from the food carts!

Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen & Blues Joint: 400 Blair Blvd,  (541) 342-7500

Situated next to what may be the sketchiest bar in town (Tiny Tavern), you’ll find a Southern gem featuring food that’s good for the soul and music that’s pleasing to the ears. Papa’s Soul Food is far enough away from campus to avoid the undergrad rushes, while still maintaining a constant stream of hungry customers. Open until 10 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, Papa’s serves up late-night treats while entertaining guests with soulful blues jamming in the background. Come to Papa’s to chill out with a jar of lemonade, a bowl of heavy mac and cheese or some good old-fashioned fried chicken.

Sam Bond’s Garage: 407 Blair Blvd, (541) 431-6603

Monday and Tuesday are the new Friday and Saturday at Sam Bond’s Garage. Every Monday at 9 p.m. you’ll find this bar packed to the brim (inside and out) with eager Bingo players — come hours early if you want a seat. With prizes such as a holographic Jesus poster, crates of organic mangos and bad romance novels, you’ll be sure to leave the bar with a laugh and a prize that you never knew you wanted. Sam Bond’s offers $1.50 Pabst bottles (also available in six-packs) and great organic food. The gourmet pizza is out of this world. Tuesday nights feature a weekly bluegrass jam session, bringing together twang lovers and local talents. Avoid the campus bars filled with giggly girls and freshly of-age boys with too much Axe Body Spray, and head to Sam Bond’s for a night that’s always filled with good people, cheap drinks and a good time.

David Minor Theater: 180 E. 5th, (541) 762-1700

The David Minor Theater is unlike any movie theater you’ve ever been to. With a motto like “no longer sneaking beer into theaters since 2008,” older moviegoers are sure to find this theater slightly more appealing than the rest. Inside the theater, you can text your food or drink order to the staff and have it delivered to your seat without missing any of the movie. The David Minor currently has four local beers on tap, including Ninkasi and Oakshire, with prices cheaper than you would find at a restaurant or bar. Forget $10 movie tickets and $6 popcorn — tickets here are only $5, and on Tuesdays and Sundays, only $2! Instead of Red Vines and popcorn, once you arrive at the theater you can order from three different local restaurants and have it delivered to you in your seat: Cafe Lucky Noodle, Cornucopia and Granary Pizza. Need I say more?

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