Incidental fees are prescribed under state law to pay for the “cultural and physical development” of students enrolled at an Oregon University System institution. Laws governing them also require a role for students in determining their cost, and at the University of Oregon, that takes the form of the student government, the Associated Students of the University of Oregon. The ASUO budgets the fee to student groups, and non-student organizations that provide services to students, and submits that budget to the University president, who in turn submits it to the Oregon State Board of Higher Education for approval. Among the services paid for with the incidental fee: student tickets to football and men’s basketball games, bus passes for all students through the Lane Transit District, the Erb Memorial Union building and its upkeep, round-the-clock library service, late-night student shuttle service, and campus media including the Emerald, the campus radio station KWVA and the Oregon Commentator.

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