Seek out some extra fun during ‘silly week’

If you have extra free time this ‘silly week,’ try some of these activities, including riding bikes or playing disc golf at Alton Baker Park. (Craig Wright/Emerald)

Nicknamed ‘silly week’ because of the many class periods devoted to passing out a syllabus and the general lack of homework, the first week of the term is perfect for enjoying a few extra moments of free time before the school work starts piling up. Spring term in particular provides many opportunities to get out and have fun during ‘silly week.’ These five locations are prime spots to visit over the next few days before free time is no longer abundant. 

MultiVRse, 1374 Willamette St.

The popularity of virtual reality gaming has grown in recent years thanks to places like MultiVRse, a virtual reality arcade where you can fully explore this new and innovative experience. Virtual reality gaming immerses you in the world of the game, whether you’re racing cars, fighting zombies or designing your dream home. Whatever you want to experience, there is something for everyone to try. Visit the MultiVrse website for more information. 

Disc Golf at Alton Baker Park, 100 Day Island Rd

When spring throws us a sunny day, it is a great time to head to Alton Baker Park for a round of disc golf. You can go with a group or by yourself to check out this course that winds through the beautiful park. Opened in 2013, this course has 18 holes and is maintained year round. There is a fee of $3 per round, which can be paid at the clubhouse on site. Discs can be purchased at the clubhouse or through the University of Oregon Disc Golf Club. The Alton Baker Park course is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., so you can grab a disc and head out before or after your classes.

Potters’ Quarter, Oakway Center, 110 Oakway Center

If you’re in desperate need of a creative spark before the term gets too busy, pottery painting is an excellent artistic escape. The Potters’ Quarter carries a wide range of options including mugs, plates, bowls and much more, all at varying prices. Simply pick an item, choose your ideal colors, and get creative. As an added bonus, you can even enjoy a cup of coffee while you paint. Pottery painting is an experience that you can cherish with friends in the moment as well as later on when you get to see and use your final product at home. You can learn more about the Potters’ Quarter at its website.

Dare Escape Rooms, 2160 West 11th Ave. Suite I

If syllabus week seems a bit dull to you, grab some friends after class and head to Dare Escape Rooms to test your skills at puzzle solving. This unique experience allows groups to interact with the set room in order to find clues and work together to solve the puzzles. There are currently three different room options, including the Zombie Room, the Explorer Room and the Carnival Midway Room. Snap your brain out of lackadaisical spring break mode by navigating your way out of these tricky rooms. For more information and to make a reservation, visit the Dare Escape Rooms’ website.

Bike Along the Willamette River, 100 Day Island Rd.

For many college students, bike riding is a means of transport for rushing to classes or work, despite the cold and the rain beating down on them. But spring makes biking a more viable option for the casual biker as well. During the many bursts of sunshine, spring bike riders can use the activity as a way to relax, get out of the house and exercise all at the same time. If ‘silly week’ has you feeling stuck, head out to Alton Baker Park for a ride alongside the rushing Willamette River. The biking pathway is perfect for a leisurely or fast-paced ride in the sunshine during week one, as well as the rest of the term.

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