Some will mark the end of 2014 by remembering arrested celebrities or outrageous twitter hashtags (#AlexFromTarget, anyone?). Others will ring in the new year with a diet, a workout regimen and a new pair of Nikes. Global color authority Pantone, however, has a different ritual. Each year, representatives chosen by Pantone from around the world meet in secret and decide on a color to represent and shape the next twelve months.

The Color of the Year in 2012 was the “spirited,” “dramatic,” and “seductive” Tangerine Tango, intended to provide a boost of energy for the new year. In 2013, Pantone chose Emerald, a “lush” green shade that evokes harmony and balance. 2014’s choice was Radiant Orchid, a vibrant pink-purple to “intrigue the eye and spark the imagination.”


The Color of the Year for 2015 is the earthy, elegant Marsala.


Intended to evoke sophistication and confidence, this rich wine color is extremely versatile. Here are a few ideas for how anyone can add a little Marsala to spice up their new year:



Wear the color of 2015 in this flattering (and inexpensive!) party dress. Perfect for a New Year’s party!


Marsala’s rich tones flatter any complexion and the color works beautifully as a lipstick. It works well as an eyeshadow, blush, or dramatic nail polish, as well.

For him:


Add a pop of classy color with a Marsala tie.

For the home:


Spice up your bed or couch with a beaded pillow in the Color of the Year, an inexpensive way to refresh your home decor for 2015.


For the pet:

Even your dog can join in on the fun! If you’re updating his collar in 2015, why not make it Marsala? He may not appreciate it, but he’ll the most stylish at the dog park.


Remind yourself how Marsala “enriches our mind, body and soul,” with each morning cup of coffee in this Pantone mug.





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