Review: “Vikings” season four

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It is very, very difficult to review the season four premiere of History Channel’s Vikings without giving away every spoiler the show has in store for longtime fans. It seems as if every five minutes, there is an unexpected twist that leaves the audience struggling to comprehend what could possibly happen next.

This historical drama is known for its gory violence, fantastic cast of characters and plotline full of betrayals and rocky romances. With season four, there is the relatively new backdrop of Paris as well as the older Scandinavian kingdom of Kattegat. With ill and injured protagonist Ragnar trying to maintain his rule over his wife and his lands in Kattegat, his jealous brother Rollo is left behind to maintain peace in Paris, which the Vikings partially conquered in the third season.

In the bloody, theatrical world of Vikings, there is no way peace could be maintained for too long.

Along with Ragnar and Rollo, all of the main characters in the series are back for season four (trailer below): Earl of Hedeby and Ragnar’s first wife Lagertha; the power-hungry Queen and Ragnar’s second (and current) wife Aslaug; Ragnar’s son Bjorn, and Ragnar’s traitorous right-hand-man Floki join Ragnar once again.

Within minutes of the season premiere, we see Ragnar’s current wife Aslaug going to the mystical, fortune-telling “Seer,” asking if a woman would be the next ruler of Kattegat. This is an immediate betrayal of Ragnar. Throughout the episode, the audience watches treason and complete deception between the entire cast of characters. 

For drama, Vikings is the ultimate show on television right now. However, viewers should be aware of the violence expected. For example, Lagertha cuts off the genitalia of her former accomplice when she discovers his deceit. If you’re not ready for the blood, close your eyes or find a different program.

If you’re ready for beautiful cinematic production, incredible landscapes and fast action battle scenes with an incredible character-driven plot, Vikings is the show to be watching right now.

Vikings airs every Thursday at 10 p.m. on History Channel.

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