Sage the Gemini brings the 'West for the Winter' tour to the sold out WOW Hall in Eugene on Jan. 30, 2019. (Henry Ward/Daily Emerald)

This week on Wednesday, Bay Area rapper Dominic Woods, also known as Sage the Gemini, performed at the WOW Hall in Eugene for his “West for the Winter” tour. Dressed in a tan trucker jacket, with a cross-bag and dreadlocks, the 6-foot 5-inch Sage the Gemini showcased all aspects of the Northern California hub.


Sage the Gemini brings the 'West for the Winter' tour to the sold out WOW Hall in Eugene on Jan. 30, 2019. (Henry Ward/Daily Emerald)

Classic high-tempo beats and the sound of people chanting “you already know me, S.A.G.E,” blared through the room as Sage the Gemini performed some notable tracks from his discography.   

To get the mood right, Sage the Gemini proceeded with both newer and older tracks. He started off with “4G,” which erupted with a Bay Area sounding, head-bumping beat, following it up with “Mack Down.”

Since it’s still early in the new year, Sage the Gemini asked the crowd about their new year’s resolutions. He said his is not allowing himself to claim any of his exes. And with that, he went on to perform “No Exes.”

At one point, Sage the Gemini had to advise a lady in the front row not to grab him inappropriately and added he would end up on the Shade Room, a famous Instagram celebrity news page.


Sage the Gemini brings the 'West for the Winter' tour to the sold out WOW Hall in Eugene on Jan. 30, 2019. (Henry Ward/Daily Emerald)

“Respect my body,” Sage the Gemini said as he paused the music for a brief moment.

Sage the Gemini has been been producing music for at least five years, including some singles that have continued to stay relevant over time. To honor his past, the rapper asked the crowd who was a “day one Sage fan?” With that, he went on to perform some of his older singles “Swerve” and “College Drop.” He also made a note to shout out the University of Oregon’s girls’ basketball team, who were in attendance.

Sage the Gemini has a long list of tracks that make for the perfect party anthem. Throughout his performance, fans danced around as they chanted lyrics back and forth to the rapper. After getting adjusted to the crowd, Sage the Gemini pondered if the crowd could really dance or not, and, moments later, the classic wall dance song “Panoramic,” erupted through the speakers.

Sage the Gemini is also well-known for some of his prominent features with other artists. He did not shy away from performing some of those hits, such as “2AM,” “Only That Real,” and “GDFR,” which was the cue for everyone to jump and dance their hardest.

Wednesday night was also a chance to hear some new music if you had not previously had the chance. One of the new songs performed included “It Ain’t My Fault.” To match the energy of this affectionate-filled song, Sage the Gemini advised the audience to dance to one of his newest singles “Buss It,” and to make sure to have someone with you, but to remain respectful when finding that person.

“Grab a lady… politely, though!” Sage the Gemini advised the crowd.  

To end the night, Sage the Gemini performed his most notable dance anthems “Gas Pedal,” and “Red Nose.” The crowd was extremely hyped at this point and multiple audience members went on to show their dance moves in the crowd. From the back, one could see girls twerking left and right to match the beats blaring from the speakers.

The concert ended with fans receiving the promise of being able to take a picture with Sage the Gemini if they bought merchandise. Eugene was the last stop for the “West for the Winter” tour and according to Sage the Gemini, it is one of his favorite locations.

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