Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias walked into the Hult Center on Sunday night with a mission: To unite the world through laughter.

Iglesias kicked off his world tour a few months ago, and this is Iglesias’ second stop in Eugene in two years. The first stop came when his manager decided to follow the tracks of another popular comedian, Jeff Dunham. “Jeff Dunham and I share the same manager, and he booked a show in Eugene, and I was like ‘Where?’ But its been nothing but great success, and I love it here,” mentioned Iglesias as he began his stand-up.

The show in Eugene (like many will be along his tour) was a test-run of some of his new jokes, preparing them for his televised specials and larger shows like at Madison Square Garden.

Iglesias is notorious for not having writers and pulling zingers from actual life experiences. His jokes center around moments with the people around his life – his wife, step-son, mom and friends: Martin Moreno, Rick Gutierrez and Alfred Robles, whom he frequently tours with.

Last night’s show was all fresh material, but Iglesias is a crowd pleaser and knows what the audience wants. Running on to the Hult Center stage to a loud and welcoming ovation, Iglesias began the show by offering the audience to ending his show with some of his now classic jokes, and of course the crowd erupted in applause.

Fluffy joked about Eugene’s weather and the culture of alcohol, “You guys gotta decide on what you want. I’m driving in Eugene, one second its pouring rain, the next the birds are chirping and the sun is shining… You guys don’t mess around here. It’s sunny lets take a shot, it’s raining take a shot, it’s snowing, drink the bottle.”

He also couldn’t go without working the Mighty Ducks into his standup. “Last time I was here this drunk guy was getting arrested in front of the theater. He was gone. And as the cops are about to put him in the back seat they ask him ‘do you have anything to say’ and the drunk guys mumbles ‘go ducks.'”

Iglesias’ material ran through multiple themes, touching base on the topics of parenting and facing new challenges with a growing and maturing child, religion and what he believes in, death and the false reports he faced claiming he died Halloween night last year, and the advancements of technology (especially in the bathroom).

One thing is certain with Fluffy, whether you’re watching his stand-up on his youtube page or you’re watching him perform live (and go 40 minutes over the scheduled time slot), you’re guaranteed a laugh.

The best way to describe his material is to detail it as fun story-telling. The energy is similar to what it would be if two buddies were going through some of their most embarrassing and funny memories.

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