Located in Oakway Center’s newest shopping and dining structure, Eugene’s second Barre3 studio opened its doors June 23. Its windows greet customers with the slogan “Ballet barre meets yoga and Pilates.”

Barre workouts have a reputation for being difficult because they’re aimed at toning and lengthening muscles that most people never use. With inspiration from ballet, barre classes focus on frequent repetitions of small movements at low weights.

“The first time I did this I thought I was going to throw up and pass out,” a woman said in the studio. She then glanced away to focus on draping a small sweat towel over the wooden railing and placing a water bottle and small, black dumbbells below it. The room’s most notable feature is the wooden railing, the barre.

By combining the barre use and aspects of Pilates and yoga, Barre3 is different than other barre classes.

The room is inspired by a ballet studio. Students watch their form in the mirror and balance movements on the barre. (Julia Taylor/Emerald)


This fusion adds larger movements and more cardio than other studios, which “is good for the whole body,” said Jessica Neely, the Oakway location’s owner. Not only does the workout set the studio apart, its values try to be different, Neely said. Barre3 attempts to be “accepting and supportive” by offering variations on movements to accommodate different bodies. The studio also caps classes at 24 students to give everyone plenty of attention.

Smiling instructors greet students and introduce themselves to new faces. Throughout the class, they provide adjustments to each student’s form as needed, and encourage them to adapt workouts if they don’t feel right. They reassure students that they can and will finish each movement through the “quakes and the shakes,” as one instructor described students’ trembling muscles.

Neely, a mother herself, said that assuring parents can get to class without worrying about childcare is important.
(Julia Taylor/Emerald)


Skipping class is hard because workouts aren’t the only enticing aspect of the studio. The entire facility is accommodating, especially to women and parents. The Play Lounge is Barre3’s childcare area where parents can leave their children during class time. Walking further back into the facility, women can enjoy the restroom’s amenities which include a shower, toiletries, a hairdryer, lockers and towels.

Barre3 is a welcoming place. The natural lighting and clean space make for a comfortable atmosphere. It feels good to be part of an environment that encourages every student regardless of age, size and skill level to work hard and understand his or her body. “It’s a place “for everybody — and that means everyone and every body,” said Neely.

Barre3’s address is 301 Oakway Rd. A single class is $23 or the new client package is three classes for $30. Find Barre3 online at www.barre3.com/studio-locations/oakway or call directly at 541-653-9099. The other studio is downtown at 224 West Broadway Ave.