Is 2015 going to be your year? The year where you conquer your goals and accomplish something you will look back on and be proud of? Perhaps 2015 marks graduation, a new internship or the start of a new you.

No matter what you do within the year of 2015 , do it in style. If you want to redefine your style or perhaps just need a few new ideas for the year look to these four looks to give you some inspiration.

Casual Cute: This look has its roots in fall fashion with its knit sweater and vest, however, the plaid adds a twist that takes this look from fall to winter. This fall, vests were huge. Men and women alike rocked vests either for an athletic look or simply as an additional comfy layer. This look will keep you warm on your walk to class by layering either a thick knit sweater or a long sleeve shirt under the quilted vest. Another quirky twist this outfit features is gray Timberland boots. I think boots are a great way to conquer the puddles and whatever winter might bring us. (Make sure to spray your boots with water proof spray before hitting the pavement.) Additionally, I added some classic black leggings, for the winter time I would opt for something a bit thicker than Forever 21’s $3 leggings though. Keeping it simple and tying the whole look together is a basic backpack. If you want to add a little more to this casual look, try a polish the color of your sweater and some bangles.


Sophisticated: On the opposite side of the spectrum we have a sophisticated and polished look. This look is inspired by Instafamous fashion bloggers who rule the popular page of Instagram. Try this look and see what happens when you post a #OOTD pic on Insta! I predict this year that a loose fit pant will be very popular. It has already crept back into our current trends with Harlem pants and bell bottoms. If you want to try this trend go for something that is loose, but mimics the tailoring of a skinny jean. It is loose at the top and bottom, but the pant slims a little as it goes down. This look is very flattering on most people. Black and white always goes with anything so it’s a good pattern to start with. For Winter you can use a cranberry colored top like the one pictured. This look can also be styled with a lace halter bralette for Spring or Summer under a blouse tank top. If your cold, wrap yourself up in a long trench coat and add a floppy hat or a cute knitted turban. Finish this look with any type of shoes, if you want to make your legs look longer go for a heel!


Grunge: The Grunge look can be bold and out there at times, but that’s what makes it so cool. Not everyone thinks they can pull the look off, so if you feel yourself being tempted by the style try it this year! This look can be easier than you think to put together. Often it relies on basic colors such as black and gray that you can already find in your wardrobe. Grunge style plays with lengths of pieces and a Kimono is a great piece to start with. Grunge also incorporates layering If you have any additional pieces you think might look good with a grunge outfit throw it in the mix. There are two looks in this board, but both rely on the same shoes and kimono. For warmer weather try a basic tank and knotting it in the front or on the side. Pair it with a dark bandeau and a single gold long necklace. For bottoms you can add a skirt with a cool hem line and even some hip unique socks tucked into Doc Martens or the like. For cooler temperatures try a crop top with some high waisted jeans. Ideally the crop top and high waisted pants won’t leave too much skin out and keep you a bit warmer. Add a beanie, wool socks and boots for a unique look. Grunge also relies on accessories so the more unique pieces you can find the better. These Meow earnings are super cute and use the basic dark colors. Grunge is such a cool style and it looks best when people are using their own creativity in their style. Have fun with this look!


Athletic: If you met anyone new over break and told them you go to the University of Oregon, their next comment probably may have contained the word Nike. This look is a style for students who live in their comfy workout clothes. Workout clothes are perfect for winter because each piece may have Dri-fit technology and other things that can keep you warm while you work out in the cold. Walking to class, depending on how far away you are or how tired you are, can feel like a workout, too! Sometimes under all those layers we can become sweaty, but Dri-fit material will soak up that sweat and nobody will ever notice. For a winter look I paired a sports bra with a long sleeve top that has thumb cut outs (to keep your hands warm while you text), and a thick pair of leggings. The pattern featured on the leggings is going to be huge this year. Many stores already have tons of pieces of clothing that reflect this gray and white pattern. Also to keep the look bright and away from boring workout clothes, I brought in a pink wind breaker. With proper layering this look can keep you at the perfect temp. For spring swap the long sleeve for a t-shirt and the leggings for running shorts. These shoes are perfect for both seasons and for running of course.


Keep in mind that these are just a few ideas and that style should always reflect your personality. With that in mind, if you want to portray yourself differently make sure to always represent yourself and have fun with new things. Sometimes wearing bold pieces in public can be scary, but it helps you figure out your style and you might just own it.

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