Pumpkin spicy: the 7 strangest pumpkin spice fall products

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The Eugene sunshine has officially gone missing, syllabus week is over and pumpkin flavors have hit the shelves. The color orange has taken over and pumpkin spice can be smelled from a mile away. Every year companies get more creative with what products they decide to turn pumpkin-flavored — this year was no exception. Here’s a list of the seven strangest products to turn pumpkin spice this fall:

The Honest Kitchen

This month, the dog and cat food supplier released an instant, pumpkin spice latte for animals. Some of the latte’s ingredients include: goat milk, pumpkin, honey and aromatic spices. The suggested serving size for the average animal is one-fourth of a cup, per 25 pounds.


Best known for creating Clif Bars, this company has been combining items for years to create its one-of-a-kind flavors. The beginning of October saw the release of the brand’s spiced, pumpkin pie-flavored bars. The bars still contain all natural ingredients and non-genetically modified organisms (GMOs), while combining pumpkin spice and pumpkin pie into one flavor.


The dog hygiene brand, Espree, sent shock waves this month when they debuted a pumpkin spice-scented dog shampoo. The fragrance is a limited-edition for the holidays, but still contains the brand’s signature ingredient of organically-grown aloe vera.


The vegan, cruelty-free makeup brand Apocalyptic released a halloween-themed makeup collection that includes a pumpkin spice-scented setting spray. The standard ingredients of the setting spray are still included — the only difference is the scent infused into the spray.

Angel Kale

Vegan kale company Angel Kale released a seasonal pumpkin spice-flavored kale. The kale is uncooked, gluten-free and contains live enzymes. The snack is a raw alternative to chips.


Rum-producing brand Kahlua stunned customers when it released a limited-edition pumpkin spice flavor. The alcohol is allergen-free, lactose-free and blended with rum and 100 percent Arabica coffee.

Tastin’ Jamaican

The caribbean salsa company offers a seasonal, mild and medium pumpkin spice salsa. The salsa is made with pumpkin, allspice, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg. The salsa comes in 16 ounce containers and costs around $8 per pint.

There are already a plethora of pumpkin-flavored fall products hitting the shelves this year and there will be many more to come as Halloween gets closer. Each exclusive product deserves a try. If you love fall and pumpkin-flavored everything, this is the time to head out to the stores to buy as many limited-edition products as possible.

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