Excision is coming and he’s going to be loud. So loud in fact that the Canadian dubstep DJ, who is on tour and performing at the historic McDonald Theater on Feb. 2, is offering a free set of “high fidelity hearing protection” earplugs to every fan who buys tickets on presale.

According to his website, the tour is billed as the last time he’ll perform with the “mind-blowing” Executioner video and lighting installation along with “an earth-shattering” 150,000 watt sound system. Fans of dubstep and electronic dance music won’t want to miss this night, which is sure to be a high-energy, high-fidelity sound experience where the audience’s brain will likely feel like its being turned into scrambled eggs from the intensity of the bass.

Excision is the stage name of Jeff Abel, and the Canadian producer is known not only for his own dubstep but also for his collaborations with other artists, most notably Datisk and Downlink (also Canadians). Mixmag called his work the most aggressive of all the new-era brostep producers which delights “frat-boys and candy-ravers” alike through aggressive, “viciously harsh, yet brilliantly produced sound that appealed more to Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails fans.”

Excision and Datsik’s collaboration on the song “Swagga” is one of his best known singles. Excision has only released two singles this year, but both are sure to please fans. “Robo Kitty,” produced with Downlink, is full of the metallic, pumping breakbeats and wobble-bass expected in dubstep, all the while being mixed with purring noises from a cat. “Bring the Madness,” Excision’s other release of the year, produced with Pegboard Nerds and Mayor Apeshit, features a dark and moving beat layered with rapping vocal samples.

To purchase tickets, visit http://www.mcdonaldtheatre.com/ or the ticket counter at your local Safeway.

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