Spotlight on Science is a new series from the Emerald Podcast Network in which we bring in some of the members of the University of Oregon science community to explain what their research is in simple language we can all understand.

In this episode, Franklin Lewis speaks with Dr. Michael Haley, a UO organic chemistry professor, about common misconceptions about organic chemistry, how he likens organic chemistry to cooking and his Boston terrier Ricky Bobby.

Dr. Haley has been teaching at UO since 1993. He served as the head of the Department of Chemistry from 2008–2014. He has co-authored more than 160 papers on novel, aromatic and carbon-rich molecules. He holds degrees from University of California — Berkeley and Rice University.

This episode was produced by Emerson Malone.

The theme music for Spotlight on Science is “Zombie Disco” by Six Umbrellas.

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