“Broke college student” has undoubtedly become a resonating token phrase in describing the average collegiate.

As students, we may struggle financially while facing lingering shopping desires, food cravings or what we presumptuously label as basic human needs (i.e. getting a wax or an oil change). Your piggy bank has likely starved to death a long time ago. Fortunately, there are businesses out there that recognize the struggle and cut us students a well-deserved break.

Here are 15 places in Eugene you may not have known offer discounts for students:

1. Chili’s

The popular southwestern style restaurant recently began offering students 10 percent off when they show ID. Note: If your waiter is confused, tell them “Steve said so.”

2. Spotify

Spotify lets you listen to and discover new music. Students get 50 percent off a Premium membership.

3. Firestone

For all you lucky ducks with cars – you might not be so lucky when you need to cough up the cash to fix a flat tire, get an oil change or a tune-up. Firestone has your back with a 10 percent student discount.

4. Francesca’s Collections

This female favorite boutique specializes in trendy clothes, handbags, jewelry and gifts. It’s full of whimsical and eclectic collections that students can score for 10 percent off.

5. Jamba Juice

Fruit smoothies, all-natural baked goods, steel-cut oatmeal and other yummy treats can be all yours for 10 percent off with ID. Try the Razzmatazz.


Feminine and classy – it’s necessary as a college student to have a professional wardrobe for jobs, interviews or career fairs. Good thing Loft offers 15 percent off for college students.

7. Amazon Student

Membership is free and includes six months of free shipping. It also comes with 50 percent off Amazon Prime and deals exclusive to college students.

8. Regal Cinemas

Students receive matinee prices in the evenings – see a $9 movie for $6.50. Excludes weekends.

9. Sizzle Pie

I’ve heard when pizza is free, it tastes better. Every Tuesday, buy one large pizza and receive one classic pizza for free. Delivery only and with student ID.

10. Adobe

Students can get 60 percent off a license for Adobe’s Creative Cloud software.

11. TOMS shoes

Students get free shipping on all orders and each purchase helps a person in need. What’s not to like?

12. London Hair Studio and Spa

Show your student ID and receive 30 percent off your first waxing service.

13. Chapala Mexican Restaurant

Located in Oakway Center, Chapala has good tasting and reasonably priced Mexican food and a full service cocktail lounge. Students receive a 20 percent discount on Sundays.

14. Apple

Student pricing is offered and varies. Score up to $200 off a new Macbook with your student ID.

15. H&M

Although they do not offer a “student discount” H&M encourages students to bring in unwanted clothing to be recycled, in exchange for a 15 percent discount.

A little bit goes a long way and saving a few bucks now and then pays off. You’ll still be a “broke college student,” but you’ll be a savvy one.

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