Music Production

(Gerritt Tisdale/flickr)

Nothing can compare to Pink Sweat$’s lullaby quality voice. The Philadelphia native has shown us on “Volume 1” and “Volume 2” that he can envelope the listener into an easy listening serenade. 

Now Sweat$ has released his third EP, “The Prelude,” in which he grows out of his falsetto ballad mold. Sweat$ has seen some success in the mainstream with songs like “Honesty.” Now it seems clear that he no longer wants to stay in the shadows, but wants to rise into popularity. 

Give It To Me,” the first track on the album, is already in stark contrast to songs he’s released in the past. It’s at a much faster tempo and doesn’t feature a signature single guitar. This track shows that Sweat$ is ready to embrace more prominent sounds and a more massive mix. His voice can still lull a listener even with this added production. 

Icy” is a typical “I want to show off” song. The singer touts how he shines like jewelry inside and out. While it is catchy, it seems like a pointless song to produce. How many more songs like this do we need? Yet it is encouraging that Sweat$ is enjoying his hard work. 

There is a significant change in Sweat$’s sound when he gets to the track “Not Alright.” In previous songs where he addresses his feelings, Sweat$ would pour his heart out over a simple guitar chord progression. Here the first thing heard is a bass drum — a total shift from the past. It’s a great combination of new build-up sound before he reaches his signature falsetto. 


Toward the end of the album, Sweat$ sees his old sound begin to resurface. “At My Worst” shows him hesitant about love because he sees himself in a bad light. The simple mixing seems like a throwback to his past work. Initially, all that’s heard are simple snaps and his voice. It works well in this situation; after the high production in the previous songs, this track is easy listening.

17” was the lead single off this EP, and it demonstrates the skill that Sweat$ has for singing. The simple guitar accentuates his deep voice perfectly. His ability to make acoustic songs sound completely distinct is an incredible talent. The track also shows his innate ability to make a love song. He stands out with his ability to show his more vulnerable and emotional side. Sweat$ attempts to show that he wants to love those that are special to him forever. 

On the last track of the EP, “Lows,” he wants to show that he will always be there for someone precious to him. Here he captures the emotions that are created once someone finds someone special to them: “When you get tired of this wasteland / I’ll always open up my door to you / I really hate it when we ain’t friends / Can’t stand the drama, can we just be cool.” 

What’s excellent about Pink Sweat$ is that he does not shy away from his emotions. His ability to pour his heart out into music shows how genuine he is. While he does want to have a good time, emotions are what drive him and his music. He doesn’t shy away from his worst thoughts about himself, which shows how much he wants to grow.