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"I think that's really a good option for these kids."

With Zion Williamson's Nike shoes blowing apart, Nike Adapt BB auto-lacing basketball shoes "bricking" on people's feet and Nike retroing their favorite shoes from their Doernbecher Children's Hospital collection 1, this is a Nike-filled podcast that'' get you up to speed on the week in sneakerhead culture. This is the sixth episode of "Knot Another Sneaker Podcast" with Engagement Editor Jake Willard and his friend Julian Ossias.

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"Knot Another Sneaker Podcast" is a series from the Emerald Podcast Network that breaks down the latest news, releases and hype in the world of sneakers. In each episode, Engagement Editor and sneakerhead Jake Willard sits down with Julian Ossias will discuss new shoes are set to release this week, the biggest and latest trend in the culture and what sneakers they hope to cop. Episodes will be full of hot takes, sneaker history and plenty of anecdotes that they hope people with all levels of sneaker knowledge will enjoy.

Ryan Nguyen produced this podcast. Alexandra Radifera edited. Music is “Drip” by Yung Kartz.

Sneakerhead and runner. Engagement Editor. Size 8.5.

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