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"I just wanted to take it slowly and do it correctly, not only for myself and for the Emerald but for the people who I was writing for."

For black college students, seeing a professor who looks like them is a rarity. In the fourth episode of "How It's Reported," Podcast Editor Ryan Nguyen talks with arts and culture reporter Alexes Jones about her cover story on how Black professors at the University of Oregon are changing campus culture, her experience writing her first cover story for the Emerald and why the Emerald chooses to capitalize "Black."

 Alexes' cover story: "How Black professors are shaping UO"

"Letter from the editor: Why we capitalize the letter B in the word Black"

This is episode four of "How It's Reported," a series from the Emerald Podcast Network designed to illuminate how journalists report on the latest news, build trust between news outlets and audiences and promote informed and engaged listeners, which are vital to a healthy democracy.

Ryan Nguyen produced and edited this podcast. Music is "A Fist Full of Organs" by Evan DuPell and "Airliner" by Podington Bear.

Podcast Editor

Ryan Nguyen is the podcast editor and an aspiring education reporter. He manages, produces and edits several Emerald Podcast Network programs a week. Previously, Nguyen covered student government as a news reporter.

Trending Reporter

Alexes is a sophomore at the University of Oregon. She is studying journalism and is a Trending Reporter for the Daily Emerald.