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"What I definitely would like readers to get out of this article is: critically think about the movies that they're watching, the award nominations they're watching, even the film reviews they're reading. Don't take everything I say as the word on film."

Lights. Camera. Bias? Each year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences chooses what many regard as the best in film and acting talent. But some say the biases of the Academy Awards are causing it to skip over more deserving recipients. On this episode of "How It's Reported," Podcast Editor Ryan Nguyen talks with film and media reviewer Ilana Slavit about the Academy's choices of nominees, how she critiques media and why she says it's impossible to eliminate all biases when reviewing films.

Ilana's cover story: "The Oscar Problem: How One Biased Organization Picks the Best Movies"

This is episode five of "How It's Reported," a series from the Emerald Podcast Network designed to illuminate how journalists report on the latest news, build trust between news outlets and audiences and promote informed and engaged listeners, which are vital to a healthy democracy.

Ryan Nguyen produced and edited this podcast. Ryan Nguyen produced and edited this podcast. Music is "A Fist Full of Organs" by Evan DuPell, "Airliner" by Podington Bear and "Intense Suspense" from Audionautix.

Podcast Editor

Ryan Nguyen is the podcast editor and an aspiring education reporter. He manages, produces and edits several Emerald Podcast Network programs a week. Previously, Nguyen covered student government as a news reporter.

Ilana is the Emerald's film and media reviewer. In her free time she enjoys writing poetry, going to concerts and watching too many movies for her own good.

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