Here’s what health inspection scores reveal about bars near campus

Illustration by: Teddy Tsai

Below is an interactive map showing the health inspection score of 12 bars within walking distance of campus.

Restaurants and bars in Lane County are required to be inspected by the county twice a year to assure their sanitary and operational system quality are up to par with Oregon health code. Inspectors will dock points based on a wide variety of codes and violations ranging from employees failing to wash hands after taking out the trash to serving expired food.

Any chemical, physical or biological hazards, such those associated with food borne illness or injury,  result in a 5-point deduction, or a 10-point deduction if repeated.

Scores that are 70 and below are considered inspection failures. Bars with this score are required to have an additional review within 30 days.

Out of the 12 bars listed below, none failed.

Click here to learn more about restaurant health inspection in Lane County.

How to read the map: Blue marks indicate bars with a perfect score of 100/100 in 2016. Green marks indicate bars ranging from 90-99 in 2016. Yellow marks indicate a score between 80-89. Scores of these bars vary each year. Click on a marker to see the bar’s name, address and recent inspection scores.