The newest dormitory on campus, the Global Scholars Hall, opened at the beginning of this term. The building houses living quarters for 450 students, as well as classrooms, presentation rooms and a large and colorful variety of food options.

Tucked behind the law school, the bottom floor of the Global Scholars Hall contains a huge, green-colored room inlaid with comfy sitting arrangements, high ceilings and an array of food stations to complement any appetite. At the entrance is a drink station serving up fresh coffee, smoothies and tea. Inside you will find a pasta bar, a sushi bar, cases of juices and energy drinks and cases of baked goods, all surrounding a colorful circular display of salads and produce.

“Everything here is fresh daily,” Chris Gibeau,@@ sushi chef, said. “I like interacting with the customers, the students. I’m really passionate about sushi.” Gibeau and his fellow chefs assemble sushi rolls fresh every day and students tend to stop and watch them work.

Freshman Jackie [email protected]@ lives in the Global Scholars Hall, and appreciates the many food options available.

“It’s like having my very own grocery store,” Montanana said. She often browses the circular display, which includes cantaloupe halves, pre-made salads and whole tomatoes and avocados.

Rice and pasta bowls, a student favorite, are always in the process of being assembled as students line up to grab their meal and head for the register.

The whole assemblage, called the Fresh Marketcafe, offers such dishes as carbonara pasta (4 points or $7.75), lemongrass tofu bowls (3 points or $5.75) and bento boxes (5 points or $6.95). The market and cafe are open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and weekends from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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