Nintendo reveals Pokemon: Sun and Moon’s new starters and legendaries

One thing fans always look forward to with the announcement of each new Pokemon game is the debut of the newest trio of starter Pokemon. This time around, we’ve been treated to an owl Grass-type called Rowlet, a catlike Fire-type called Litten, and a circus seal Water-type called Popplio. The unnamed Legendary Pokemon for this generation are a white lion for Pokemon: Sun and a large bat for Pokemon: Moon. While some of the reveals are getting more attention than others, reception has mostly been positive.

Alongside new additions to the ever growing PokeDex, the new setting features the Pokemon world’s equivalent of the Hawaiian islands, the tropical Alola region. With palm-filled beaches, tiki statues, and new resort-like architecture, the series continues to diversify the Pokemon world.

Few additional details have been revealed about the games.

Blizzard completely revamps Heroes of the Storm’s ranked play system.

Blizzard’s popular Heroes of the Storm will receive a large update on June 14. The game has long received criticism that its matchmaking and ranking system has been difficult to progress in, as well as for not starting a competitive season since its launch last year.

The new revamp will replace the current ladder system with a league progression system similar to Blizzard’s other popular multiplayer game, Starcraft 2. Players will progress through different ranked tiers, starting at Bronze and ending in Diamond. High-level players will be granted a master rank that will display their ranked mode points and their placement in the regional rankings.

The game will have rewards for each season and feature separate rewards for solo and team ranked play. This includes mounts, skin variations and portrait icons.

Paradox trademarks “Vampire Bloodlines” after acquiring RPG book publisher White Wolf Publishing.

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines was a cult-classic video game adaptation of the popular pen-and-paper RPG World of Darkness by White Wolf Publishing. Over the years, several studios tried to create another game set in the World of Darkness universe, but none advanced to the final stages of development.

The game is so beloved by its fan base that gameplay mods and total conversions of the game are still being created to this day.

Paradox Interactive has now trademarked the name “Vampire Bloodlines,” leading many hopeful fans to cross their fingers for a long-awaited sequel. The company has made no statement as of yet.

Paradox Interactive, the studio behind the mind-bogglingly in-depth Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis series, purchased White Wolf and all the rights from Crowd Control Productions, the developers of the popular space MMO EVE Online. This included all the materials related to CCPs failed attempt to create a World of Darkness MMO.


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