Friday Follows: Accounts to keep you laughing during finals

(Kelly Kondo/Emerald)

Social media is a place for people to speak their mind, post their selfies and entertain others. With millions of accounts worldwide, users do not always get to see the best social media has to offer. Dog profiles are accounts that are often missed — but when users stumble upon them, they can’t help but smile. Here is a list of the top six social media accounts for dogs that are a must follow:



The “Dog Lovers” account features more than 1,400 photos of dogs dating back to 2013. The account has 1.8 million followers and posts daily pictures of a variety of dogs. Followers can tag @dog.lovers in a post on their own account for a chance to have their dog featured on the profile.


The “Cute Puppies n More” account is new to instagram, but it is sure to give users an overload of fluffy pets. The profile features videos and photos of puppies doing adorable things, including wrestling, yawning and singing to Maroon 5. Users can direct message the page for a chance to have their pup featured.


“Corgistagram” has 750,000 followers and is dedicated solely to corgis. With almost 2,000 corgi photos and videos, users can scroll for hours and never run out of content. There are corgis dressed up in costumes, playing with babies and sneezing.



The “Thoughts of Dog” account has 1.8 million followers and produces hilarious, daily tweets from the perspective of a dog. Content on the page varies from what it is like to get a package of dog treats in the mail, to how sometimes dogs just don’t understand humans. A scroll through the photos is sure to get users laughing.


The “Guide Dogs” account is dedicated to all of the amazing dogs who serve as guides for the visually impaired. The account tweets highlights of dogs, their owners and their story as a pet-owner duo. Sharing inspiration and perseverance with 120,000 followers is not the only thing the account does. Tweets also feature the dogs laughing with one another and posing for the occasional dog portrait.


“Weratedogs” is an account that allows users to send in pictures of dogs that will be shown to and rated by many of the 7.8 million followers. The page is kind when ranking the dogs from 1-10 and always says something positive in each tweet. The account also sells specialized dog merch.

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