Friday Follows: Accounts to keep you laughing during finals

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If you haven’t already began testing, chances are you will soon. Finals week is full of tears, office hours, late night snacks and no sleep. Students stay up all night studying for one test that massively impacts their term grade — it is a daunting feat.  When you get overwhelmed with the final's week blues, it is alright to put the books down and pick up the phone for a moment of levity. Here are six social media accounts that will keep students laughing instead of crying during finals week:



The “Epic Funny Page” is a meme account with more than 16 million followers. The account takes videos and photos sent in by followers and quotes them with humorous captions that will keep people laughing for hours. With over 6,000 posts on the page, students are sure to have enough content to distract them from finals — perhaps for too long.


The “Texts From Your Ex” page is an account that consists solely of text messages between ex-partners. The page encourages its 2.5 million followers to submit screenshots of real conversations that have occurred between them and their former lovers — which often consist of humorous bickering and light-hearted insulting. With over 2,000 conversations, students will have plenty of playful content between exes to keep them laughing.


“My Day With Leo” is an entertaining page that takes the faces of celebrities and puts them on regular people’s bodies. The page includes a video of “Jay-Z” doing the Nae Nae dance, as well as “Oprah” shaking her stuff. With over 160,000 followers and celebrity faces like Bob Ross and Cardi B on the page, there is enough content to scroll for hours.



“Awkward Posts” is an account dedicated to awkward situations that people encounter. The page takes a humorous approach to what would otherwise be an uncomfortable situation by tweeting out the situation and following it up with a clever photo. “Awkward Posts” has over 2 million followers and discusses situations ranging from not understanding a subject in school to having a crush on someone who doesn't feel the same way — awkward.


The “Facts of School” page is dedicated entirely to college students. It tweets about the daily struggles that only a college kid would understand — including how hard finals week is. With over 6 million followers and 39,000 tweets, the account is full of hysterical content that will help students make light of an otherwise intense week of the term.


The “Autocorrects” account is for those social media people who can handle sarcasm. With over 6 million followers, the parody account tweets daily photos and messages that are not meant to be taken seriously but are still funny. Content on the page includes being lazy, late and annoyed, likely something students can all can relate to.

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