Johnny Knoxville and his crew are back to pushing audiences’ limits and making us cringe and jump in our seats in the third installment of Jackass, and this time, it’s in 3D.

Jackass 3D is crude, vulgar, crazy and fun to watch. The stunts are all new and range from the classic jumping off ramps to being thrust into the sky via porta-potty. The film takes slapstick comedy to a new level of pain and humiliation that results in jaw-dropping righteousness.

Guest appearances from Seann William Scott, Rip Taylor and a few athletes spice up the dynamic of the group in a few stunts, yet stay true to classic Jackass form.

The upgrade to 3D films in recent years has felt like an add-on, but this film uses its mechanics well, especially with slow-motion shots. The 3D adds a bit more spectacle to the film; however, if your budget is tight, you will get the same laughs and weak stomach from seeing Jackass 3D in 2D.

Jackass 3D is more than just the group’s classic stunts and pranks. The film pays an underlying tribute to the journey the crew and audience has taken over the years, which is strangely moving.

Jackass 3D is hilarious, gut-wrenching and a fun spectacle to watch in theaters. If you liked the first two there is no reason you won’t like the third.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars

This film is for fans of: Jackass, Jackass 2, anything on YouTube involving people doing stupid things

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