Festival Fashion Guide — just in time for Sasquatch!

The festival season is in full gear and so are the fashion trends. Here is a festival fashion guide just in time to grab last minute items before Sasquatch.

Music festival fashion gives you the freedom to wear whatever you want. From flash tattoos to bell bottoms and chunky jewels, there is always a never ending supply of trends.

Remember, most of these festivals are outside and the weather can be unpredictable — check the forecast as you’re packing.

Think about what you will want to wear as you are pushed around in a mosh pit, dancing to your favorite band playing on stage. Yeah, it’s pretty hard to imagine wearing anything slightly uncomfortable.

Celebrity stylist and fashion extraordinaire Rachel Zoe has an amazing online blog site, The Zoe Report. On the site, she posts her favorite products and looks for the festival season. You can always find ways to add the finishing touches to your perfect outfit and how festival style is done right with the help of spotlights on celebrities.

Stores such as PacSun, Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Free People also provide style guides and cheap must haves for fashion success during festival season. These are great starting places to get sparks of inspiration for your music and fashion filled getaway. It’s a little (a lot) late to order something online, but these stores have retailer locations in Eugene or Portland with employees that will have helpful advice to offer on the latest festival fashion trends.

Buffalo Exchange, Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul are also gold mines of unique festival clothing and accessories, and at a decent price — if you’re willing to spend more time digging through their vast selection.

Must Haves:

1. Sunglasses: Free People and Urban Outfitters have a wide variety of different sunglasses styles. You will definitely find what you are looking for. American Apparel is another great source for unique, vintage shades and most are priced around $20 or less in-store.

2. Fanny Pack: Yes, it may sound lame, but how else are you supposed to easily transport your belongings? Fanny packs are quintessential and hands free… score! Check out American Apparel for your very own.

3. Lots and lots of accessories: Stack your arms with bangles and wear your favorite floppy hat and belt. No shame in how extreme this may get. Francesca’s Collections at the Oakway Center is a great boutique for every accessory. Just make sure you don’t lose it in the crowd.

4. Boots: Easily the best option for shoes. You don’t have to worry about people stepping on your feet and crushing your toes and scuffs are edgy and trendy. Each of the retailers mentioned above will likely have the style of boots you’re looking for. Make sure they’re comfortable, though — most of your time at the festival will be spent on your feet.

5. Hair Accessories: While Sasquatch does offer showers, you’ll have to wait in a long line and pay money. You’re not going to want to do that. Fortunately, your local drug store will likely sell dry shampoo for just a few bucks. Picking up some extra bobby pins and hair ties while you’re there is also advised. Buzzfeed offers some useful articles for quick and easy hairstyles you should check out before you go.

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