Its no secret. Ladies appreciate a man with a good sense of fashion. Luckily for us, our campus is filled with trendy guys.

So if you’re looking to define your style or find some inspiration, check out these websites to keep you looking dapper all throughout winter term.


Hypebeast is a magazine, but they also run a killer website. Their website is designed like a blog and broken down by categories. They feature tons of articles about new fashion releases and update daily. Hypebeast has a great variety of styles for men, and they cover music and TV to boot.

2. Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak is an interactive website that helps you find your style. When you first go to the website they ask you if you would like to become a member (membership is free). By agreeing, you are then directed to a series of questions that ask your size, favorite colors, environments you spend weekdays and weekends in, stores you like, your age, etc. Then after the questionnaire it builds a closet personalized for you. They offer their own products and they give you tons of options for each category. Their prices are a bit steep, so you can use their suggestions as a guide or purchase them if you find some cool pieces. They also run a biannual magazine called Oak Street on the side.

3. Primer – The Getup

This website is impeccable. The Primer is described as the ideal older brother you may or may not have. The one that can give you advice on work, your girlfriend and style. This website puts together looks for certain occasions and the best part is it’s aimed for men in college and in their twenties. This website tries to cater all its content to this age group and does a pretty good job at it.

4. UpscaleHype

This website peeks at celebs and their style, and tells you where to cop their items. It’ll show you everything from Kanye’s latest sweater to where Ronaldo got his shades from. This website also offers cheaper alternatives and features new up-and-coming brands. This website is ideal for everyone from the LA creative to the edgy rapper.

5. The Art of Manliness, Dress and Grooming

This website is dedicated to uncovering the “lost art of being a man.” This website is unique because it balances men’s look from the ’40s while meshing it with today’s style. They have funny visuals that serve as how-to tutorials for fashion and hair. Even some of the hairstyles they feature reflect the ’40s, as this style is coming back.

Additionally Pinterest, and Polyvore are home to a vast collection of super stylish photos that cover every style.

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