Otis Day and the Knights performed in the EMU Ballroom earlier today during the University of Oregon’s homecoming festivities.

Former Oregon Quarterback Marcus Mariota in the “Shout” video being played at the concert. (Samuel Marshall/Emerald)

A patron looks at a screen on which the “Shout” video is being played. (Samuel Marshall/Emerald)

A back-up singer performs as a fan waves his arms. (Samuel Marshall/Emerald)

A guitarist, one of the Knights, focuses on his playing and singing.  (Samuel Marshall/Emerald)

A member of the band sings into the microphone. (Samuel Marshall/Emerald)

Otis Day smiles at the crowd at the beginning of his performance. (Samuel Marshall/Emerald)

The band rocks out in front of a homecoming crowd. (Samuel Marshall/Emerald)

The Oregon Duck and a bassist have fun on stage. (Samuel Marshall/Emerald)

Otis Day singing in the middle of the concert. (Samuel Marshall/Emerald)

The EMU Ballroom before the Otis Day and the Knights performance. (Samuel Marshall/Emerald)

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