On Saturday April 11, 7-Elevens across the country are participating in Bring-Your-Own-Cup (BYOC) Day — allowing you to bring the container of your choice and fill it up with as much Slurpee as will fit, for the small price of $1.49.

The deal will be available at participating locations from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

“We’re not really sure what to expect,” said Stacey A., employee of the 7-Eleven on 13th and Alder — one of the many Eugene locations participating in tomorrow’s event. “But we hope it will be a big hit.”

Several other Eugene locations are participating as well, including the 7-Eleven at 590 E. Broadway, the one at 588 W. 7th Ave, the one at 951 W. 6th St. and at 445 Coburg Rd. Find the one nearest you using 7-Eleven’s online store locator.

“This is the first time BYO Cup Day has been held in the United States, although 7-Eleven stores in Australia, Canada, the Philippines and Malaysia have held BYO Cup Days in the past,” said 7-Eleven in its press release.

From fishbowls to coconuts to teapots, the possibilities are nearly endless as far as what kind of “cup” you can bring to BYOC Day — as long as it meets these four requirements:

The Rules:

1. Your cup must fit through a 10-inch hole.

2. Your cup must be clean and food-safe.

3. Your cup must be watertight, with no leaks or holes.

4. One cup per person.

Social media exploded with the hashtag #BYOCupDay on Facebook and Twitter.

7-Eleven is encouraging participants to post photos of their own cup to their social media using this hashtag:

They also have a Snapchat set up (REALLYSLURPEE) to send out updates before and during the event:

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