Indie/dream-pop Vancouver band creates a warm experience with their track of the same name. (Creative Commons)

Springtime brings blossoming flowers, warmer days and new beginnings. It’s the uplifting season we all deserve after winter quarter. Whether you prefer relaxing in the sun or biking around campus, happy, lighthearted music is an essential part of creating a perfect atmosphere for however you enjoy spending the beautiful season. Here are five songs that create a perfect soundtrack to those blissful spring days.

Making Breakfast” - Twin Peaks

The Chicago band Twin Peaks’ feel-good indie-rock music lights up even the gloomiest of days. From their 2014 album, “Wild Onion,” “Making Breakfast’s” opening line, “Watching the garden grow / happy happy days,” is reminiscent of those days spent outside basking in the sunny, slightly breezy spring weather.

Lyrics like, “Such a beautiful day / it's raining through the window but I like it that way” offer imagery that beautifully encapsulates the easy, joyous allure of springtime. The cheerful lyrics combined with high-energy guitar combine to create a song that accompanies any spring day.

Cool With You” - Her’s

The Liverpool duo comprised of Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laadingwas known for its dreamy, hazy indie-rock music. Their 2017 track “Cool With You” combines infectious harmonies with intoxicating beats to create a song that is easy to get lost in. The laid back, chill nature of this song is perfect for an immediate mood boost.

The lyrics, “We don't have to know / anyone at all / anyone at all / draw the blinds back slow / sun fades in our room / two begin to bloom” feel like they’re speaking directly to a quintessential spring day. The “blooming” between the two in the song also adds to the springtime sensibilities created on this track.

Real Love Baby” - Father John Misty

Father John Misty, or Josh Tillman, is known for satirical musings and humorous commentary in his music, but his 2016 single, “Real Love Baby,” offers an honest portrayal of love.

Our hearts are free / so tell me what's wrong with the feeling / I'm a flower, you're the bee / it's much older than you and me / I'm in love, I'm alive / I belong to the stars and sky.”

The opening lines to this feel-good track make your day even better. The calming acoustic guitar in this song coupled with these lyrics offers a song that you can’t stop listening to.

Peach Pit” - Peach Pit

Peach Pit, an indie, dream-pop Vancouver band creates a soothing experience with their track of the same name off their debut EP, “Sweet FA.”  This song feels like those warm nights driving with the windows down feeling calm and content.

The opening lines, “Oh peach pit where'd the hours go / when your orange skin began to glow / from a hanging branch in gardens home” describes a brief love affair, using a once-ripe and now-rotten peach to describe their short relationship. This song has an irresistible charm that creates a relaxing mood, complementing any spring activity.

Mr. Blue Sky”- Electric Light Orchestra

It’s impossible to create a playlist of springtime songs without including this track. ELO is known as one of the most influential British rock bands, and this song shows why. This track off their 1977 album, “Out of the Blue,” focuses on clear skies, great weather and the good feelings that come along with it.

The track’s chorus, “Mr. Blue Sky / please tell us why / you had to hide away for so long” describes the long-awaited spring season after a gloomy, dark winter. This song wonderfully represents the joyful mood that coincides with getting out in the spring weather.

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