10 do’s and don’ts of campus barhopping

(Kathleen Darby/Emerald)

Before you step out into the campus bar scene, check out this list of do’s and don’ts as a guide to conquering (and surviving) the night. 

  1. DO: Bring cash money

An unfortunate situation that seasoned campus bar-hoppers can attest to are the countless times debit or credit cards have disappeared after a night on the town. Whether you get caught in the moment and forget to close your tab before strolling to the next bar, or you not-so-gracefully dropped your cards while milly-rockin on the dancefloor, your cards can easily disappear. So next time, only bring cash. Plus, this puts a spending limit on your bar bender.

  1. DON’T: Forget your ID

Your ID is the golden ticket to campus bar entry. It may seem obvious that when you go to the bar you have to bring your driver’s license or other government official ID, but this advisory doesn’t stop there. Recently, Taylor’s Bar and Grill (stop number one on the campus bar trio), has implemented a rule where if you aren’t a student or do not have your student ID, you will be charged a cover fee of $5 (and it has to be cash). If you really want to be a bar-hopping elite, you will remember not only your license but also your student ID to avoid the extra charge.

Bue Brown pours a beer during the Tuesday afternoon rush. Agate Alley Bistro sits next to McMenamins on 19th Avenue. (Eder Campuzano/Emerald)

  1. DO: Pre-pre-pre-game (did I say pre enough?)

The key to success for a campus bar adventure is to plan ahead and consume your choice number of drinks before headed to the bar. Not only will this save you money, but it might also keep you warm when waiting in the dreaded lines on a cold, and most likely rainy, Oregon night. 

  1. DON’T: Sleep on Agate Alley Drink Wheel Thursdays

For those of us who are blessed with no class on Friday, Thursday nights at Agate Alley Bistro are the perfect alternative to the campus trio with a fun spin on a night out drinking. Agate Alley rolls out their Drink Wheel starting at 10 p.m. for a twist of fate for $2.50 drinks. Rotating every half hour, you are guaranteed to drink cheaply with your destiny in the hands of the Drink Wheel. If you’re free on Thursday nights, don’t sleep.

  1. DO: Explore more than just the Unholy Trinity

As 21 and up students, exploring the campus bars can often turn into a drunken blur circling between Taylor’s, Webfoot and Max’s. This faithful movement through the campus trio will eventually become mundane — yes, mundane. That’s why this is an encouragement to break the loyalty and enjoy other bars in the area. Whether it’s Rennie’s Landing or an experience at downtown bars, you will thank yourself for doing something new before the campus trio gets old.

  1. DON’T: Forget to finesse

The power of finesse is all in the hand of the beholder. Use your charm and quirky jokes to work the bar for free drinks. No, this Don’t is not limited to solely women. No matter your gender identity there is someone, somewhere, at the bar who finds you charming. Don’t be afraid to work your charm and save yourself some money when at the campus bars. You might find your soulmate — or at least a kind friend for the evening.

  1. DO: Eat before going out

In this world full of social pressures and the anxiety to fit perfectly in an outfit or get to your buddies house before the beer is gone, it cannot be stressed enough to eat before you go out. It’s better to drink on a full stomach to than to risk running through the bar to puke in a dirty restroom while your friends are filming a mannequin challenge video that you won’t be in — all because you decided not to eat before. Nurture yourselves, even when you decide to go out. 

Parents and grads spill out of Taylor’s on 13th Avenue. Photo taken around 8:30 a.m.(Kevin Camacho/Emerald)

  1. DON’T: Eat at Uly’s sober. Just don’t.

As much as I love the convenience and delicious taste of Mexican-inspired food from Uly’s taco truck after a night out, it just doesn’t taste the same sober. Trust me. Also…

  1. DON’T: Go home without a drunchie

A drunchie (drunk munchie), is a necessary piece of the formula when trying to avoid a hangover. Add a big jug of water to the equation and you have the answer that may save you from a painful morning after.

  1. DO: YOU. Yes, do you.

At the end of the day, it’s important to be yourself even while you are in a social setting like the campus bars. We are young college students and should not feel the social pressure to be anything but ourselves. Take these Do’s and Don’ts into consideration — they should not define your campus bar existence but are mindful suggestions to conquering the campus bar scene.

Lastly, please drink responsibly.

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