With the summer winding down and fall term right around the corner, it’s easy to feel stuck in a rut between the two seasons. You’ve exhausted all of your crafty project ideas for “Summer 2k15,” and it still feels too early to move on to decorating your apartment with autumn leaves and little harvest pumpkins.

Fear not, crafty ducks! You can get the best of both worlds by focusing instead on the quickly approaching football season. Here are 10 do-it-yourself ideas to get out of the end-of-summer slump and hype you up for the new season before the first home game against Eastern Washington on Sept. 5.

1. Take some paint to all of those plain mason jars in your cupboard. Then you can be both spirited and hipster at the same time.

2. Prepare for cold nights sitting cheering at the games with these gloves. Take any gloves and attach pom-poms for extra festive spirit fingers. 

3. Years of SAA game day shirts weighing down your dresser? Repurpose them into a patchwork scarf.

Go Ducks infinity scarf designed by Portland-based Grace is Green Designs, found via Pinterest user Molly Penna.

4. Never forget which cooler is yours by decorating it in school colors, like this one from Oklahoma University.

5. Show your Duck Pride to everyone in your neighborhood by creating a door wreath like this one.

Ducks-themed wreath idea from Pinterest user Stacy Merritt.

6. Or by making one of these windsocks for your yard.

Football windsock idea from Florida State University official Pinterest.

7. Protect your table in style at watch parties by making these cool turf coasters.

8. Save some money and make your own jersey to rep your favorite player.

9. Never spill a drink at a tailgate again with these magnetic beer cozies.

10. Take your watch party to a whole new level by making a unique light piece like this (only with using a football instead.)

Luminescent basketball decoration courtesy of Pinterest user Betty Montoya Reyes.

These are just few of the many things to create in spirit of football season. If you’re new to the craft scene, poke around Pinterest or just add “DIY” to any Google search to find more like these. 

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