With summer just around the corner, the weather is starting to heat up. This means making the switch from hot to cold drinks, and for those over 21, celebrating the sunshine with alcoholic beverages. This list has cold drink recipes that will keep you cool in the hot days on the horizon, whether you are at a barbecue, an end of the school year party or just spending a casual Saturday afternoon in the sun.

Summer Sunset

6 ounces pineapple or orange juice

½ ounce grenadine (can add more or less depending on desired sweetness)

Top off with a splash of coconut juice

Ice cubes

*To make it alcoholic add coconut rum

Cooling Coffee

2 ounces espresso or strong coffee

4 ounces milk

3 tablespoons chocolate syrup

Ice cubes

*To make it alcoholic add Kahlua or Bailey’s

Minty Mojitos 

A mojito can make a sunny afternoon even better. (Andrés Nieto Porras/Flickr)

6 ounces carbonated water

2 tablespoons lime juice

1 tablespoon sugar or other natural sweetener

5 mint leaves

Ice cubes

*To make it alcoholic add white rum

Fruity Lemonade

2 ounces lemonade

2 ounces pineapple juice

4 ounces watermelon juice

5 mint leaves

Optional: add frozen chunks of pineapple and watermelon as ice cubes

*To make it alcoholic add vodka or rum

Savory Lemonade

8 ounces lemonade

¼ cup chopped basil leaves

Ice cubes

Optional: add dried lavender for extra flavor

*To make it alcoholic add vodka or rum

Traditional Pina Colada

3 ounces pineapple juice

1 ounce coconut cream

5 large chunks of pineapple

Several ice cubes (increase the amount depending on desired consistency)

Blend all ingredients together

*To make it alcoholic add white rum

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