Name: Elisabeth Rose Kokesh

Year: Sophomore

Major: Undeclared

Hometown: Sisters, Ore.

When it comes to 1960s and the 1700s fashion, you may not find too many commonalities. However, Elisabeth Kokesh sure does. This UO sophomore draws on the decadence of the 1700s and the groovy floral patterns of the ’60s and combines the two resulting in her own unique style.

Signature style: Kokesh gets a lot of her fashion inspiration from the ’60s and from Sofia Coppola’s film, Marie Antoinette. “I would call my style bohemian rock ‘n’ roll with a feminine twist.” Kokesh tries to balance out her style by adding combat boots or a leather jacket.

Hobbies: Photography, thrift shopping and antiquing, “before Macklemore made it popular.”

Trends you love right now: Knee high socks, kimonos and dark lipstick.

Trends you hate right now: “Uggs and yoga pants … Stop already!”

Favorite place to shop: Free People.

How would you describe Eugene style: “Eugene style is sleepy but sophisticated — comfortable for school but functional and fashionable.”

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