Biggest disappointments of 2018

(Lucasfilm LTD/Google Images)

2018 hasn’t been armageddon-esque bad like some years in the past, but nonetheless, it also hasn’t been great. Every year, the media will hype something up so much that when it finally comes to fruition, it is just a huge let down. This article is dedicated to everyone out there that has been disappointed by this year’s happenings.

To simplify this exhaustive category, I will supply the worst contender in four different categories: movies, TV, music and pop culture. I will then dismantle each loser/winner until I am sure you hate that thing as much I do.

1. Movie - Solo: A Star Wars Story

I have to be honest about this: I never gave it much of a chance. I go to the theater for every movie I’m excited about — I chose different means for this one. That's not to say I wasn’t — at one time — very excited for this movie to come out. Like most kids, I idolized Han Solo, so when I saw this movie was going to be made, I was ecstatic. But then I started to see all the signs of a flop on the horizon: the original directors quit, there were script rewrites, struggles to find a new director, rumors that the actor playing the titular Solo didn’t know how to act, etc. So, I wrote it off, as did most people. Solo: A Star Wars Story did the worst of any Star Wars movie to date — and just a reminder, Jar Jar Binks wasn’t even in this one. It did poorly for good reason; it was boring, predictable and just utterly pointless. Not even the wisdom of the wise Yoda could help to explain how this movie failed. When you have that much money and fandom funneled into a film, the end product should turn out better than what audiences got.

2. TV: Camping

This is one you truly have to watch to understand how awful it is. Looking at the show on paper, it should be an absolute hit. Camping is brought to screens by the reliable HBO network with stars Jennifer Garner and David Tennant, both of whom are powerhouses in respect to their diverse careers. The show follows Garner and Tennant as a couple going on a camping trip with some friends; the plot revolves around the terrible, self-centered main character played by Garner. It is supposed to be a comedy, but instead of laughing you just have the overwhelming urge to throw the remote at the screen in hopes that it’ll break beyond repair so you never have to listen to the main character speak ever again.

3. Music: Kanye (not his music just Kanye)

You know exactly what happened. On multiple occasions Kanye West decided to get on Twitter and rant about various questionable topics like slavery and POTUS. Yes, his music is fire, but come on — who is this guy and why are we still allowing him to speak?

4. Pop Culture: Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s breakup

I’m stooping low here. Yes, it’s overplayed, but it’s hard to argue that this wasn’t an oversized disappointment for everyone. The relationship was hyped up from the beginning. Goofy and edgy comedian proposes to America’s sweetheart Ariana Grande in a whirlwind romance. I don’t usually get into this type of celebrity drama, but I used to think Pete Davidson was hilarious and cool, and I was in love with Ariana Grande (who’s not?). Then, all of a sudden, America wakes up to rumors of a split and the couple covering up their multiple matching tattoos. Pete Davidson then starts to spiral out of control during the end of their relationship, making fun of a veteran for losing his eye while in service, along with some distasteful jokes about Grande herself. Ariana Grande got a massive hit song, “Thank u, Next,” out of the whole thing, so at least there’s a win for someone in this fiasco.

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