It’s that time of year again when walking down 13th Avenue means wafting smells of curly fries, cotton candy and sizzling hot dogs overwhelm your sense of smell on the way to class.

With week 6 comes the spring ASUO Street Faire, drawing in students with delicious food, a majority of which is made by local vendors.

According to ASUO Executive Special Events Director Nicole Curtis, who has the final say in organizing the event, the Street Faire is a legacy event that continues to bring in some of the same vendors each year, including one vendor who remembers attending as far back as the 1980s.

“We want to be able to bring students to the community and have the community come to campus,” Curtis said. “We have vendors that people come back for every year.”

Despite the value of building a strong community of vendors, Curtis said it’s important to bring new companies to the fair. Some of the new booths include 22 Below, an innovative ice cream shop, and Steam ‘n’ Spice, a local Asian restaurant.

Curtis also said bringing a wide variety of vendors was important to her in organizing this year’s fair. From Peruvian food to funnel cakes, the options are extensive, but luckily for college students, the food doesn’t have to be overly expensive. There are plenty of items for around $10.

The spring ASUO Street Faire will last until Friday afternoon. (Adam Eberhardt/Emerald)

“If I had 10 dollars to spend at the fair, I’d definitely get one of those cheesecakes dipped in chocolate,” Curtis said.

Other students may have different tastes. There are options under $10 for vegetarians, sugar-lovers, fried food fans and more.The Street Faire will be on campus until Friday at 6 p.m. Here’s a list of some of the best, and affordable, options to buy at the fair for every student’s taste.

Best food items at the Street Faire for $10 or less if:

You want a savory meal:

Happy Go Lucky Crepes: Bonjour crepe with eggs, cheese and bacon $6

The Happy Go Lucky Crepes booth has been at the Street Faire in the past and continues to impress with delicious ingredient combinations in their fluffy crepes. This particular item is a great option If you’re exploring the fair in the morning and want to grab breakfast.

Other options:
JR’s Taqueria: Meat burrito $7
The Great Philly Steak Sandwich: The Great Philly Steak Sandwich $8

You’re a vegetarian:

The Great Philly Steak Sandwich: vegetarian sandwich $6

The Great Philly Steak Sandwich, a vendor named after its signature sandwich, provides vegetarians with a chance to try this typically meat-heavy dish. For vegetarians, this item is something that you won’t find often.

Other options:

Vegimoto: vegan cheesesteak $7

Maty’s Peruvian Food: vegetarian tamale $7

You have a major sweet tooth:

There are multiple booths serving up fresh cotton candy for $5 this year. If you’re tired of the same old original flavors, you can mix things up with quirky new flavors like watermelon and grape.

Other options:

Happy Go Lucky Crepes: Northwest Nutella $6 
Bandon’s Best Kettle Korn: $6 (medium) and $9 (large) bags of kettle corn

You want something to keep you cool:

22 Below: rolled ice cream $7

22 Below recently opened a store in the Valley River Center Mall, but now the craze of rolled ice cream has officially come to the Street Faire. If you’re looking for a cooling sweet treat, or a creative food photo for social media, this ice cream is the way to go.

Other options:

Lochhead Farm: frozen bananas $4

Paradise Shaved Ice: $5 (large) shaved ice

You’re craving something fried:

Multiple vendors: Elephant Ear $5

A staple fair food, elephant ears are the perfect indulgence, combining deep fried dough with cinnamon and sugar bliss.  Because elephant ears are less popular around the country and can even be tricky to find in Oregon, the Street Faire is the perfect place to get your cinnamon-sugar fix before heading home for the summer.

Other Options:

Mountain High Curly Fries: $7 curly fries

Multiple vendors: Funnel Cake $5

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