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Just a few weeks ago the world was — or perhaps still is — in mourning over the sudden loss of the beloved Planters mascot Mr. Peanut as reported by the Daily Emerald. The legume sacrificed himself so that both Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh could survive a horrific NUTmobile accident leaving them stranded, hanging onto a branch. 

What would follow was not known completely, other than there was a planned Super Bowl commercial for his funeral on Feb 2. While a funeral did occur, there was a huge, but tiny, surprise at the end. 

Posted on YouTube the same day, the commercial is set at Mr. Peanut’s funeral. With Wesley Snipes giving the eulogy, there were many in attendance including Mr. Clean and the Kool-Aid Man. As Snipes gets further in his speech, the Kool-Aid Man sobs and a single tear drips down his glassy carafe self and penetrates the buried remains of Mr. Peanut. 

The gloomy clouds above parted ways and the sun’s rays plummeted to the burial, immediately producing a quickly sprouting plant. Both concerned and curious, the gathering of individuals are shocked when a baby is born from the bed of leaves erected underneath him. It’s Baby Peanut. 

Cooing, Baby Peanut is picked up and immediately starts vocalizing like a dolphin as if some sort of Spongebob Squarepant-ish censorship was in place. Then, in a deeper-than-normal voice for a baby proclaims, “Just kidding. I’m back,” as Snipes rips up his pre-written speech. 

The reactions to Baby Peanut’s first appearance came swiftly. Burger King humorously said “looks familiar…” and RITZ Crackers told him to “have a snack.” Kool-Aid, cashing in on their healing powers, tweeted “O-H Y-E-A-H #MagicTears…” Funeral attendee Mr. Clean, himself, said “Everyone deserves a clean start. Welcome, #BabyNut!

Despite the many positive welcomes and reactions, though, there was also a swift condemnation of Baby Peanut throughout social media. Many, who weren’t immediately wooed by his charm and cuteness, argue that Baby Peanut is nothing more than a reaction, or a cash grab, on the notoriety that Baby Yoda from “The Mandalorian” has gained since the Disney+ live-action Star Wars show was released in November 2019 to both critical and commercial acclaim.

Much like after the initial Mr. Peanut death, the future for Planters new young mascot is uncertain. Will the tiny legume be Planters’ new mascot forever or do they have something else in store? And, now the most important question of all: is the Kool-Aid Man technically his father?

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