Although the University of Oregon doesn’t offer culinary classes, there are several individuals and stores that offer cooking classes around Eugene. Here’s a guide to what types of classes are offered, where to find them and price ranges for each course. All of the courses listed provide students with the opportunity to eat the food created during a class session.

Cook’s Pots and Tabletops

Location: 2807 Oak St

Cook’s Pots and Tabletops is a store that specializes in gourmet cooking supplies and utensils. It’s also a cooking school that’s affiliated with the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

The cooking school offers classes about five times each month, with schedules posted on Reccurring teachers are Keith Ellis, a professional chef, and Kathy Campbell, a professional baker. Guest chefs also fly in from other states and countries to teach.

Some classes are more hands-on while others are cooking demonstration-centered. For example, some of the demonstration classes feature four course meals in which a chef explains the process and then serves the meal to students. Some of the more hands-on courses include a cheese making class and knife skills class.

Cost: Depends on chef, usually between $45 and $95

Class Size: Up to 21 people

Class Length: About three hours


Location: 2538 Willakenzie Rd

Pepperberries is also a kitchen supply store that features cooking classes. Owner Tammy Berry said that the cooking courses at Pepperberries serve a wide range of skill levels, but they are especially good for beginners. One of the classes offered shows students a variety of ways to make Costco chicken.

Berry said the classes are also designed to help people become more knowledgeable about techniques and ingredients rather than knowing exact recipes.

The classes change seasonally and are a mix of demonstration and hands-on cooking. Typical classes feature basic home style cooking and international cuisine from countries including Mexico, Thailand and Italy. New York baking classes and information classes about different cuts of meat are also sometimes available.

Information about chefs and class schedules can be found at

Cost: Typically $47.50

Class Size: 11 people

Class Length: About three hours

Inspired Tastes Personal Chef Service

Location: Courses are conducted at the chef’s home (more information at

Shelly Shirk is a professional chef that learned many of her skills at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Hollywood. She is now a personal chef based in Eugene and also hosts cooking classes.

Shirk’s classes include beginner cooking courses, classes that feature a variety of sauces and cooking from countries including Indonesia and Italy.

Classes mix between hands-on and demonstration.

Shirk said that although she wants to educate people about cooking, her goal during each class is to make sure students have fun.

Cost: $50

Class Size: Eight people

Class Length: Two and a half hours

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